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4 Steps for Overcoming Anxiety

Our fear is often worse than the things we are afraid of. Sometimes we fear some crisis occurring and that fear becomes a crisis in itself. Our fear of sickness may actually be the worst sickness to afflict us.

Secret to Living a Happy Life

Secret to Living a Happy Life

Why is it that we need these three things? If you have two of them, you will not be a happy person. And this is true Islamically speaking too. But let’s look at our lives for a moment: Something to do, something to love, something to look forward to.


Do We Measure Success Correctly?

“That man is really successful.” We usually say this to mean that he has a lot of money or a fancy car or house. We do not usually call a boy in the street cleaning shoes successful, do we? We do not usually say that someone living in a tiny flat in London has made a …

5 Powerful Habits of Successful People

5 Powerful Habits of Successful People

Successful people absolutely wake up early because the earlier they begin the day, the more time they will have to get things accomplished. Remember the early bird gets the worm! And it follows, of course, that early birds will also get a good night’s sleep…

10 Mental Habits for Success

10 Mental Habits For Success

A man realized after a very long time that there are many routes he can take to reach his destination. Some routes were quicker, others more scenic, and others were safer. Even then, it did not occur to him that there were even more routes that he was still ignorant of.

Wisconsin Gets Its First Female Muslim Truck Driver

WISCONSIN – Maysa Abu Khdair became the first Muslim woman to get a Commercial Driver’s License in Wisconsin, the US, Wisconsin Muslim Journal reported on August 28. “I didn’t have the chance to do too much in my life but when I got this chance, I said, ok. I can’t let it go,” Abu Khdair …

Was My Ramadan A Success? Take the Test

Was My Ramadan A Success? Take the Test

A Ramadan done right should change you. It should rewire parts of you to make a better, more giving, more patient you. And even if you do slip back into bad behaviors post-Ramadan, if you had truly changed during Ramadan, that slip will be much more gradual.

How to Turn Failure into Success? Learn from the Prophet

How to Turn Failure into Success? Learn from the Prophet

Moving on to success is only possible if we become more resilient and find a way to turn failure into motivation. Brendon Burchard tells us that when we feel defeated we must not struggle against it, rather we must accept the outcome. It is ok to feel disappointed, bu…

4 Lessons on Success From Olympic Athletes

4 Lessons on Success from Olympic Athletes

Olympic athletes are at the top of their game and we could take some lessons from them on success. Common behavioral traits of many successful athletes are seen in successful entrepeneurs ,families and everyday workers. You can take these 4 lessons on success from Olympic athletes and apply it to your life. 1- Self-Discipline. The ability to control our …

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