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Laila Alawa: Young American Muslim Changemaker

NEW YORK – This Muslim young lady is the founder and CEO of The Tempest, the fastest-growing media company changing the global narrative of diverse millennial women since 2013. The Tempest connects millions of people daily with thousands of female leaders on every issue under the sun, disrupting the global media status quo. In 2017, …

Meet UK’s First Hijabi Boxing Coach

NOTTINGHAM – A British Muslim has become the first hijabi boxing coach, inspiring many Muslim women to come forward and practice the game. She said: “I have to pinch myself every time someone comes up to me and says ‘because of you I’ve had the strength and they’ve made me feel better about myself’,” Zahra …

Ilhan Omar: America's Rising Muslim Star

MINNESOTA – Ilhan Omar is a hijabi young lady who is known for leading the charge to get more Muslims involved in the local American politics. Omar’s journey to become this country’s first Somali-American Muslim lawmaker began in a refugee camp in Kenya, when  her family was escaping Somalia’s brutal civil war. After immigrating to …

G. Willow Wilson: Muslim Superhero Highlighter

WASHINGTON – Her first graphic novel, Cairo (Vertigo, 2007) has been listed as a top graphic novel for teens by the American Library Association and the School Library Journal. Her comic series Air was also nominated for the Eisner Award, and her first novel, Alif the Unseen, won the 2013 World Fantasy Award. However, the …

Meet The First Muslim Hijabi on Masterchef Canada

Meet the First Muslim Hijabi on Masterchef Canada

In March 2018, Reem Ahmed was announced amongst the top 21 cooks participating in MasterChef Canada, where contestants  showcase their culinary talents. The young Muslim said she wanted to participate in the contest to counter misconceptions surrounding Muslim women who choose to don hijab. “In order to clear these misconceptions, we have to fully integrate into …

Successful US Muslim Immigrants Who Proved Trump Wrong

US President Donald Trump’s reported description of African nations, El Salvador and Haiti as “***hole” countries has reignited accusations of racism, with many bringing stories of successful immigrants who proved Trump wrong.

Muslim Nominated for NJ Health Commissioner

Governor-elect Phil Murphy has named a federal Veterans Affairs Department official as New Jersey’s next health commissioner, who could be would be state’s first Muslim cabinet official.

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