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My Son Quickly Loses Interest in Things !

In this counseling answer: “Research shows that it takes about 30 days of consistently doing (or not doing) something to create a habit. In order to encourage him to stick with the behaviors and schedule, you may need to use consequences as you have been doing, only this time insha’Allah put it in chart form next to …

My Young Brother Is Struggling in School

In this counseling answer: “Keep an eye on him when he is studying, just in case he might need company, or someone to study with. Cut out T.V. watching. It is a big distraction, and because of its entertainment value, it has the effect of reducing attention-span. Provide an area in the home to be his study …


Failing In Exams, Please Help

 In this counseling answer: “Give yourself plenty of time to pray before studying. Clear your heart and mind of any distraction when you study or sit for the exam. Make your sole intention a sincere one, for Allah to benefit you and others. Plan a  bigger objective through your studies. Don’t make the degree or …

I Haven’t Done Well in My Entry Tests; I’m Depressed

I Haven’t Done Well in My Entry Tests; I’m Depressed

In this counseling answer: The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful individual is not IQ or test scores, but rather grit, or perseverance. So, evaluate yourself and your study habits. Make a list of ways in which you can improve. As-Salamu ’Alaikum dear sister, I am glad that you have placed your trust in …

Fiancé Wants Kids, I Want to Continue My Studies

Fiancé Wants Kids, I Want to Continue My Studies

In this counseling answer: “You must voice your expectations to your partner and request compromises so that both of you get what you need, and you will avoid resentment from the beginning of your marriage. Remember, relationships take two people to work together. In case you get pregnant before you finish your studies, don’t be afraid …

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