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What is The Quran and Why Should I Believe It?

Short Answer: This Book has been preserved unedited, unaltered for over 14 hundred years. Even those who attack it were never able to change a word in it; they can only misquote or take verses out of context. But there is no power on earth that can edit or change or destroy this Book. It remains the ONLY …

How Can I Learn to Recite The Qur'an?

How Can I Learn to Recite The Qur'an?

Asalaamu alaykum Abdulqani, Ramadan Mubarak! Allah loves those who seek Him with pure hearts, and from your question, it is obvious to me that you are seeking God with a pure heart. It is not easy to embrace Islam in these difficult times, and it’s even harder when we don’t have a strong support system. Learning …

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