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Before It's Too Late - A Real Story

When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, “I’ve got something to tell you.” She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn’t know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I …

What Really Makes Women Convert to Islam?

What Really Makes Women Convert to Islam?

I find that the intellectual appeal of Islam is very strong, and that explains the story of this one girl who was from a Hindu background, but then she had become a Christian and she began to engage Muslims in conversation to try and find fault with…

Prophet Muhammad - The Liberator of Women

Prophet Muhammad: The Liberator of Women

These stories are reflective of the Prophet’s mercy and kindness towards women. But he went even farther. He tried to liberate women from all kinds of injustice, maltreatment and oppression. He can genuinely be viewed as a liberator of women. He gave women such rights and privileges…

Don't Let Calamity Shake You

Don't Let Calamity Shake You: A Story of Dealing with Trials

It is not in human nature to strive to be better when we are experiencing ease. It is when calamity comes that we change. Just like a lump of coal will remain a lump of coal until a great amount of pressure is put on it. This is the pattern of nature that Allah has created.

Lessons from the Trials of 4 Prophets

Lessons from the Trials of 4 Prophets

The trial of Solomon shows that the natural understanding of many Muslims that wealth itself is something bad is wrong. Rather, it is the love of wealth, and when that love for wealth exceeds the love of Allah and takes us away from is that a problem…

4 Powerful Lessons from the Life of Prophet Joseph

The Best of Stories - 4 Lessons from the Life of Joseph

In the introduction to this story God tells us that this is the best of stories. It is a tale of rags to riches, debasement to grandeur and hardship to ease. There are countless articles, numerous books, and eBooks by renowned writers plus videos made…

Why Are Conversions Increasing with Terrorist Activity?

Why Are Conversions to Islam Still on the Rise?

Some of those whose conversion began with knowledge of a terrorist crime wanted to better understand how a religion could possibly be that evil. It’s an outrageous claim that isn’t easily swallowed by everyone. These people needed to find out for themselves.

Who Authored the Quran?

Who Authored the Quran?

There is internal evidence within the Quran that Muhammad was not its author. Several verses criticized him, and were on occasion strongly worded. How can an imposter prophet blame himself when it may run him into the danger of losing the respect, perhaps following, of his followers?

Long Term Vision for Success

How to Build Long Term Vision for Success?

If we can’t look towards what’s coming next, what is going to happen in the future, what the result of that action is, then we won’t be able to manage our time, we won’t be able to organize our day or our life.

Ammar's Heart & Omar's Shirt: Why Faith Matters

Ammar's Heart & Omar's Shirt: Why Faith Matters

Imam Omar Suleiman recounts in this video two stories that both show how and why faith matters. Suffering horrible torture, Ammar had to speak ill of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). We follow the conversation between him and the Prophet on this incident. What about the Omar’s shirt? How does it relate to iman? …

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