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Not Brainwashed- Converts Speak for Themselves

Not Brainwashed: Converts Speak for Themselves

We convert because we find truth and beauty in Islam. We convert because we find freedom from objectified in Islam. We convert because we don’t let the media tell us what to think. We convert because Islam speaks to our nature. We convert for a million reasons.

Investing in Youth Development: Why and How?

Investing in Youth Development: Why and How?

Why youth development is important? The Muslim society in the US is displaying a ‘youth bulge’ as opposed to the non-Muslim population in the country. According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, the Muslim American population is much younger, on average, than the non-Muslim population.  59% of adult Muslims are between 18 …

Here is What Convinced Me About Islam

Here is What Convinced Me About Islam

When I came across Islam and when I moved to work in Dubai, I learned more what I like about Islam. I realized that in Islam it is OK to ask questions; and every question you ask should have an answer, whereas with other religions it is just like you just have to have faith.

Young Hijabi Aussie Inspires The Voice Team

The first Muslim contestant on Australian reality show The Voice send a powerful message to Muslim teens to believe in their powers and go after their dreams, one day after she succeeded in the program’s blind audition.


Muslims in the West: Between Stereotyping and Social Acceptance

Race…religion….skin color…ethnic origin…disability…gender…age…body shape…marital status…family makeup…career choice…favorite food…etc…The list goes on…we are all different! Despite this, so much animosity exists in the world today as a result of these so called differences so it’s important that we learn how to appropriately cope with them to avoid falling into psychological distress as a result. Embracing difference …

Hijabi Goes All Out to Clear Misconceptions

As many women see wearing a hijab in today’s America is a hard decision, Elhum Oskui is battling misconceptions about her hijab and religion every day when she goes to work out at Oregon State University’s Dixon Recreation Center.

Canadian Muslim Camps Counter Radicalization

A Calgary local Muslim leader has increased his efforts to fight radicalization, using his day camp to tackle the feeling of isolation that some Muslim children experience while trying to integrate into Western society.


Muslim Woman Challenges Stereotypes about Islam in Canada

One Muslim woman is devoting much of her time to raise awareness about Islam across small town Ontario through a series of presentations and interfaith dialogue. Barbara Helms was born Christian to American parents, who were accomplished classical musicians teaching in Canada.  In her 20s, she moved from the United States to Canada to study …

Standup Comedy Breaks Muslim Stereotypes

Muslim student association in Texas A&M University will be hosting a standup comedy in which comedian Azhar Usman will challenge anti-Muslim prejudice through laughter and personal anecdotes.

Muslim Flowers Break California Barriers

A group of Muslim residents of Irvine city, Orange County, California, have organized a “Meet a Muslim” event in a shopping center in a bid to dispel stereotypes about their faith.

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