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Yemeni Children Eat Leaves to Stave Off Famine

Yemeni Children Eat Leaves to Stave Off Famine

In a remote area of northern Yemen, many families with starving children have nothing to eat but the leaves of a local vine. Mothers boil tree leaves into a sour, acidic green paste and feed their hungry kids; a food that does harm more than good but at least, it fills those empty stomachs. International aid …

10 Million Yemenis to Starve by Year-End - UN Warns

10 Million Yemenis to Starve by Year End: UN

The United Nations has warned that millions of Yemenis face the risk of starvation by the end of this year over the ongoing fighting in the poor Arab country. Mark Lowcock, the UN emergency relief coordinator, said more than 22 million people — or three-quarters of Yemen’s population — need humanitarian aid and protection across …

Should We Have Many Children?

Salam Abhishek, Thank you for contacting Ask About Islam with your question. God’s Provision People often forget it is not up to them to allow or prevent children from coming into the world. All they can do is try, but it is God alone who decides whether we have children or not, and how many and …

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