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Starbucks, Social Media, and Racism

On Starbucks, Social Media and Racism

On April 12th, two black men were treated like criminals for doing what millions do on any given day in America. For sitting in a Starbucks, waiting for a business associate, two young, black men were arrested, finger printed, photographed, and detained by police for eight hours. In response to these arrests, outrage on social …

Law Enforcement Used as Weapons against Black Muslims

NEW YORK – A surge of videos and news stories about calls to law enforcement on Blacks at various service establishments highlights a stark reality for Black Muslim and non-Muslims in the US. Protests erupted in Philadelphia after the release of a video of the arrest of two Black men at a local Starbucks for …

After Ban, Starbucks Promises to Hire 10K Refugees

The chairman of Starbucks American coffee retailer promised on Sunday, January 29, to hire 10,000 refugees in its branches worldwide over the next five years, in a clear challenge to President Trump’s refugees ban targeting Muslim majority countries.

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