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10 Common Mistakes That Can Destroy A Marriage

10 Common Mistakes That Can Destroy A Marriage

In life and love, you may think you’re supposed to always focus on the positive instead of the negative. However, unless you become aware of your own hurtful attitudes or actions — so that you can correct them — your chances of staying in love til death are close to zero.

Dress Up For Your Spouse

In order for the wife and husband to not look elsewhere for satisfaction, we need to make an effort and dress up for our spouse so they only desire us.

Don't Neglect Your Spouse

The best of you are those that are good to your wives. Yet many men neglect their wives and children and speak harshly to them. The spouse is closest to you so we should never make them feel far away and neglected.

How To Look For A Spouse

If you wish to get married it is not enough to sit and make dua for Allah to send you a righteous spouse. You also have to actively search for the spouse or let it be known you are searching so you can get married.

Does Your Spouse Help or Hinder Your Faith? Stories

Does Your Spouse Help or Hinder Your Faith? The Stories

We should always care about our faith, and if our spouse is dragging us down, we must put importance on the matter. It is crucial, especially for all new Muslims, to have a devoted pious spouse that can uplift them and help strengthen their faith.


Did God Create Each Of Us With A "Soulmate"?

Short Answer:  Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Dr. Shabir Ally addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: Aisha Khaja: Dr. Shabir, the question today is about soulmates. How is the concept of soulmates viewed in Islam? And can one’s soulmate change? Dr. Shabir Ally: Well, some people take the view …

5 Prophetic Steps to a Happy Marriage

The Prophet would spend quality time with his spouse. He didn’t live a separate life under the same roof. He would go on walks with his wife, travel with his wife, and seek her advice. He would engage in stimulating conversation. When was the last time you took spouse out for a nice dinner?

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