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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

When we find ourselves in the limelight, when we’re famous, we wouldn’t think to move back to our former self, but on the contrary we race forward toward our death. This is a weakness in human nature, to seek the material things in life as a goal in itself instead of being a means to an end.

How to Heal Our Spiritual Diseases

We will not be able to journey to Allah with hollow actions that look good on the outside but are not founded on a sound heart. We’ll get stranded on our journey at the first sign of pressure. Thus we must continue to perfect our physical, outward forms of worship while also purifying our nufoos.

Quran can enrich your life in many ways

7 Ways to Enrich Your Life with the Quran

Can the Qur’an be incorporated in daily life? Can it change man’s behavior and attitude? Yes, indeed, it can enlighten the heart, mind and soul. It was during my teens that I picked up a translation of the Qur’an in my quest to find my true identity. I wanted to know why I was born, …

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