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Do You Know the Greatest Pleasure in Paradise?

Do You Know the Greatest Pleasure in Paradise?

In a very beautiful hadith it is narrated that `Ammar ibn Yasir (may Allah be pleased with him) led a group in Salah and he made it short. After he finished, made the after-prayer dhikr, and walked out the masjid. Some people followed him and said, “You led us for a too short prayer. Why …

4 Spiritual Tools Battle Anxiety and Stress

4 Spiritual Tools to Battle Anxiety and Stress

Sometimes I wonder if our ancestors experienced the same levels of stress and anxiety we experience today. It seems as if high anxiety is a mark of living in modern times where we are aware of and on guard against every microbe, every fanatic, every state that holds the potential to destroy us…

All You Need to Know About Worship in Islam

All You Need to Know About Worship in Islam

Worship in Islam trains the individual to lead a life in perfect obedience and submission to his Creator, thereby wiping out all evil from his life and enabling him to lead a life fully dedicated to the service of God.

Worry Ends when Faith Begins

Worry Ends When Faith Begins

Pour your heart out. Say what you want. Ask for what you desire. Cry if you must. He is listening; you are not alone. The peace that follows is impeccable. When you are constantly praying and talking to God, your trust in Him distinctively increases. The closer you are to Him, the more you realize how dependent you are upon Him.

Joys in Highest and Lowest Ranks of Paradise

Joys in Highest and Lowest Ranks of Paradise

This video takes us in a beautiful journey to Jannah, inciting yearning in hearts of true believers who really love and truly care about getting admitted to Paradise. Sheikh Omar Suleiman starts this short talk with a recount of a conversation between Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) an Allah, in which Prophet Musa learns …

How Knowledge Can Make Us More Spiritual__

How Knowledge Can Make Us More Spiritual

If we long for more spirituality in our lives, we have to search for sacred knowledge. We need to learn more about this beautiful religion. We need to know what is pleasing to God and what is abhorrent in the eyes of God. We need to start with the basics…

5 Ways For a True Hijrah

This is the type of Hijrah mentioned in the Prophet’s statement: migrating “away from what God has forbidden” not just physically by moving to a new place, but also spiritually and ethically, by choosing good over evil and ethics over corruption, and pledging to withstand the tribulations of struggling to stay on that path for life.


3 Important Principles in the Modern Hijrah

While our bodies might be making hijrah for wealth, education or the promise of a better life, it is imperative that our heart remains with Allah. No matter what we get in life, it is not worth losing Allah, and if we have Allah, then the world will follow.

How Can We Not Love God?

How Can We Not Love God?

Loving God is the ultimate aim. Having attained the state of true love for Him, each stage that follows it is one of its fruits and a branch from its roots such as longing and contentment.

“I WANT That!”- Deflating Our Ego in a Materialistic World

“I WANT That!”: Deflating Our Ego in a Materialistic World

Authentic, placatory contentment of the soul is fleeting today, despite an abundance of material resources. Anyone with even some wisdom can easily see the negatives of this global and all-ages-encompassing trend of “keeping up with the Joneses”…

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