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Shaka Heritage Day

South Africa Opens Mosques for Visits on Heritage Day

DURBAN – In keeping with the spirit of the Shaka Heritage Day of South Africa on September 24 when the citizens are encouraged to celebrate diversity, selected mosques across the country will be open for visits as part of the “National Mosque Open Day campaign,” reported on September 7. “The mosque open day programme is …

South Africa Gov’t to Recognize Muslim Marriages

CAPE TOWN – A court in South Africa has ordered the government to recognize Muslim marriages, after long years of campaigning to protect Muslim women and children’s rights. “The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) welcomes the decision of the Western Cape High Court in granting relief in the form of providing Muslim women and their children …

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela: Troublemaker or Peacemaker?

South Africans are never going to forget Nelson Mandela. For the fight he fought we stand tall with pride, knowing we will never again have to endure the indignity of being classed inferior.

Cape Town Jews Host Ramadan Iftar

Bringing followers of the two faiths closer, Cape Town synagogue hosted a special iftar on Saturday, allowing Muslims and Jews to observe iftar and Sabbath together.

Book on Hajj Journey Dispels Myths of Islam

Emphasizing the spiritual and peaceful aspects of Islam, a South Africa Muslim social cohesion advocate released on Sunday, November 6, a new book documenting the life-time journey of hajj, offering a different image of Islam

S. Africa Lawyers Want Shimon Perez Arrested

Anticipating the visit by the former Israeli President Shimon Perez to South Africa, a Muslim lawyers association has filed an official request with authorities to have him arrested when he enters the country next week.

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