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Remembering the Hungry in Ramadan (Help Now)

As Muslims around the globe observe Ramadan, hundreds of thousands of families in the Horn of Africa face a growing risk of mass deaths from starvation due to a disastrous combination of droughts, and entrenched conflict. While families share Ramadan blessings with their loved ones, millions continue to live in the region in unbearable circumstances; …

Help Famine Victims in Yemen & Somalia

More than 23 million people are facing the risk of famine in Yemen and Somalia, according to figures by the United Nations. Aid agencies estimate that a total of 6.8 million people in Yemen are deemed to be in a state of emergency – one step from famine on the five-point integrated food security phase classification (IPC), …

Celebrities Come Together to Help Somalia

As Somalia suffers from another famine, the internet is coming together to help the people in the Somali peninsula, thanks to a campaign started by snapchat celebrity Jerome Jarre.

Famine Threatens Millions in Drought-Hit Somalia (Help Now)

As a severe drought deepens in Somalia, millions of people are left at the risk of famine  in the war-torn country. Somali authorities declared that at least 110 people have died of hunger over a two-day span in one region because of the drought. Humanitarian agencies reports have also alluded to the worrying similarities, especially the …

Twin Refugees Pursue Dream to Become Doctors in US

Twin daughters of Somali refugees are working to fulfill their life dream of becoming doctors in Salt Lake, Utah, while standing at the front line to speak out for refugees amid rising hostility in the US.

Somalia Provides Millions of Udhiyah Livestock for Hajj

Hajj is a major religious event for the entire Muslim World but it’s also of great economic benefit for Somalia. Last Thursday, 1st of September, Voice of America reported that the northern regions of Somalia export millions of livestock to the neighboring Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to cover the  need for animal sacrifices offered by …

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