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Solidarity: The Fruit of a Righteous Society (Part 4/4)

Solidarity: The Fruit of a Righteous Society

I have seen certain Tuareg tribes of North Africa display this blissful solidarity in their lives. No one among them lives for himself only; he lives for his people. My attention was first attracted to them by a Muslim who left his own country and settled among the Tuaregs in Fezzan.

Syrian refugees

Syrian Man Sets Up a Farm in Greece to Help Refugees

A Syrian expatriate in Greece has launched an initiative to help refugees from his war-torn country. He started a farm so they can grow their own food. He left Syria back in the 70s and settled down in Athens. As Syrian refugees fled to Greece in 2015, he helped settle them in Athens’ abandoned building.  His …

What Is Going on in Rohingya & How Can We Help?

What Is Going on in Rohingya & How Can We Help?

Are we aware of what’s happening in Rohingya? As you read these lines and listen to this speech, our brothers and sisters are suffering terrible oppression, a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” – How did things develop to this terrible situation? – Who are the Rohingya people in the first place? – And, what is …


Syrian Refugees' Message to the Rohingya

As the genocide carried out against Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar army continues , Syrian refugees, upon seeing this grave injustice, decided to send a message to the persecuted Muslims in Rakhine State, where 300,000 Rohingyas have fled to neighboring Bangladesh. Click here to find Muslim relief organizations through which you can donate and support the …

Canadians supporting the Rohingya

What Canadian Muslims Can Do to Support the Rohingya

Muslim Canadians are rallying across the country to support the Rohingya in Myanmar/Burma and Rohingya refugees who have fled to Bangladesh. Here is a number of events and initiatives in Canada that you can support if you want to show solidarity with the Rohingya people.  Attend Rallies in Solidarity with the Rohingya There are rallies …

Hurricane Harvey and Eid

Hurricane Harvey, Delaying Eid and Community Relief

Hurricane Harvey and Eid… how to deal with the questions posed by this crisis? For example, how to perform Eid and Jumuah prayers in these difficult circumctances? In this video, Sheikh Joe Bradford explains the possibility of cancelling Jumuah prayer due to the difficult circumstances in areas affected by the hurricane. He also discusses the …

The Prophet's Farewell Sermon - A Revert's Reflections

The Prophet's Farewell Sermon - A Revert's Reflections

When first learning about Islam, and I came across the final sermon, I felt a sense of peace because the Prophet had simplified some of the most important matters that afflict the ummah as a whole the most often. These points he touched upon gave a simplified view of Islam that puts it all in a nutshell.


Making Hajj in a Wheelchair

Shari’ah doesn’t obligate disabled Muslims to perform hajj. Nevertheless, a strong desire to make this spiritual journey pulls on the heartstrings of every Muslim. In past ages, the physical challenge of Hajj was far more rigorous than our air-conditioned era of comfortable accommodations. Nowadays, compassionate attention to the needs of disabled Muslims means that more …

Islam and Civic Engagement

Islam and Civic Engagement

For Muslims living in the West, questions concerning civic engagement with the broader society abound. Should we engage? If so, how should we engage? And what should be the basis of our engagement? Fortunately for us, Allah the Exalted has not left us without guidance on this issue. A careful examination of the Qur’an and Sunnah …

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