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Mother, Son Help Kiwis Send Love Cards to Christchurch Victims

Mother, Son Help Kiwis Send Love Cards to Christchurch Victims

A New Zealand mother and her young son are helping Kiwis send their love messages to Muslims affected by the Christchurch terrorist attack, Now To Love reported Thursday. “This is such a heavy and sad time for New Zealand,” Hannah Rodgers says. “My hope is that people see this as an avenue to do something …

How 'Peaceful' Ipswich Supports Its Growing Muslim Community

The Muslim community of Ipswich has grown significantly over recent years, encouraged by the town’s “peaceful, friendly” atmosphere “The Quakers, who have a church up the road, came with banners saying ‘what hurts one, hurts us all’ in a statement of solidarity” Following the Christchurch massacre last month, Ipswich Quakers and other members of the …

UK Muslim Reflects on Woman’s Solidarity Message

For Dr. Saqib Choudhary, the sight of a hijabi, non-Muslim woman with a sign reading “I am your friend” summed up the very special, peaceful and supporting community in Reading, Berkshire, Getreading reported. “This is a diverse community and a peaceful society,” Dr. Choudhary, 41, who lives in Wokingham, said. “Humanity surpasses everything else, and …

Tuareg Tribesman Exemplified Islamic Solidarity

How Tuareg Tribesman Exemplified Islamic Solidarity

I have seen certain Tuareg tribes of North Africa display this blissful solidarity in their lives. No one among them lives for himself only; he lives for his people. My attention was first attracted to them by a Muslim who left his own country and settled among the Tuaregs in Fezzan.

Canadian mosque

Canadian Mosque Delivers Milestone 15,000th Meal

TARIC Islamic Centre serves up hundreds of meals a week to those in need The initiative overlaps with a holy month in the Islamic calendar, which recognizes the birth of Prophet Muhammad. TORONTO – A Canadian mosque dished out its milestone 15,000th meal as part of its soup kitchen and meal delivery service on December …

Social Responsibility in Islam (Part 1/4)

Social Responsibility in Islam

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “The faithful, in their love for one another and in their having mercy for one another and in their kindness toward one another, are like one body; when a member of it ails, all (the …

12 Steps for Peace Building Among Muslims

12 Steps for Peace Building Among Muslims

Does difference mean the death of cooperation? Does this mean you cannot be a good brother or sister to a fellow Muslim who thinks differently? Opening your mind up to understanding someone else…

Pittsburgh Shooting: Muslim Non-Profit Raised $240,000 to Help Jews

PITTSBURGH – A Muslim nonprofit which spreads message about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has raised nearly $240,000 in days for Jewish victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Knox News reported. “We wish to respond to evil with good, as our faith instructs us, and send a powerful message of compassion through action,” the Launch …

Toronto Muslims Form 'Rings of Peace' Around Synagogues

TORONTO – Toronto Muslims formed rings of peace around local synagogues on Friday, and Saturday, November 2-3, as a show of solidarity with the Jewish community following the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. “It is our faith that keeps us together,” said Osman Khan, a leader at the Imdadul Islamic …

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