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Ramadan on Twitter: Spirituality, Joy and Jokes

#Ramadan on Twitter: Spirituality, Joy and Jokes

As we enter the second half of Ramadan, Muslims have a lot to say about the holy month. We had a look at Twitter to see what people are saying and it was really fun. People are sharing personal reflections, photos, spiritual posts and even jokes. We collected random tweets that give a sense of Ramadan …

Ivorian Muslims Shun Social Networks During Ramadan

ABIDJAN – Some people in the Muslim West African country of Ivory Coast, also known as Côte d’Ivoire, have decided to skip social media networks so as to devote more time to religious rites during Ramadan. “I’m always active on social media networks but I decided to cut off from the services since the beginning …

Is Social Media Turning You Into a Narcissist?

Is Social Media Turning You Into a Narcissist?

That is all it takes nowadays for a random stranger to subscribe to your blog or Facebook feed. To “Like” your page. To “Follow” you on Twitter. To “Add” you to their circles. To “Pin” your photograph. All over the world, people are now connected to each other with their intangible, virtual persona, profile, or …


Twitter Still Boiling in Reaction to Trump's Vulgar Statement

A lot of controversy and angry comments swept social media after US President Donald Trump’s reported description of African nations, El Salvador and Haiti as “***hole” countries.  American people took it upon their shoulders to react to their president’s offensive statement that reignited accusations of racism and ignorance. The following is a random sample of reactions on Twitter following the …

I Am Holier Than You... Really?

"I Am Holier Than You" ... Really?

With the advent of social media, especially with religious slur-sharing and holy tweets, it is easy to fall into the trap of feeling a little holier than the next Muslim, and arguably, scholars are no more (if not more) susceptible to this mindset, as compared to “lay-Muslims”.

Basic Social Manners - What Would Muhammad Do?

Basic Social Manners - What Would Muhammad Do?

It might be useful to imagine how Prophet Muhammad would react if he could read the words we use on social media. With the greatest of ease, Muslims defame and slander each other in public forums. And they do so without the slightest care and with little or no understanding of Islamic etiquette and the sinful nature of such behavior.

Fake Accounts Drive Up Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

A huge network of fake accounts on social media has been driving anti-Muslim fake news online, to manipulate the people and influence political discourse, a new study revealed.

2 Major Media Myths About the Prophet

2 Major Media Myths About the Prophet

Lately I had a conversation with a non-Muslim about how Prophet Muhammad wasn’t as “holy” as we affirm. When I asked him about his sources, he replied, “Well, it’s all over the news and social media.” This small chat made me think…

Jeremy Corbyn Defends Muslim Women

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken up in defense of Muslim women, condemning “vile, revolting” language used on social media, and asking Facebook and Twitter platforms to tackle racism and abuse.


Americans React on Twitter over DACA Ending

According to The Guardian, Donald Trump’s decision to dismantle the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca) program from next March will leave almost a million young immigrants vulnerable of deportation. They fear that the personal information they voluntarily handed the federal government in signing up for the scheme could now be turned against them to facilitate …

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