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Help in Times of Hardship

How to Offer Meaningful Help to Someone in Times of Hardship

Recently, my dear friend and sister in Islam suffered a terrible loss.  When I contacted her to see how she was doing, she confided that her pain was even greater because she was feeling forgotten by the local Muslim community. Even though her sad news had been traveling around  by word of mouth and via …

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Quranic Promises of Reward for "Brothers", Also For Sisters?

Short Answer: Yes. Aside from a new notable exceptions, “any verse of Qur’an or hadith that textually mentions the words ikhwan or ikhwah means the Muslim “brotherhood”, and includes both male and female Muslims.” That particular verse is referencing the sense of community and kind compassion people will feel for one another in Paradise after Allah has removed all hatred and rancor …

Is Sisterhood a Myth?

Is Sisterhood a Myth?

We are constantly told about the unity of the Muslim Ummah and the beauty of sisterhood. A Muslim friendship is allegedly “better” and “more fulfilling” than a non-Muslim friendship. Muslims pride themselves on “compassionate” and “glorious” friendships based on a mutual love of Allah and a desire to obey him. But is this the reality? …

Acts of Hate Unite Muslim-Jewish Sisterhood

More than 40 Muslim and Jewish women came together on Wednesday evening, August 2, to talk politics, religion, in the fifth official meeting for a sisterhood based on love and unity.

Muslim-Jewish Sisterhood Finds Common Ground

At a time of religious prejudice, a group of Philadelphia Muslim and Jewish women are cooking together to feed the hungry and poor in their community, as part of a movement to bring together groups of Muslim and Jewish women around the country.


Sisterhood Through Hurtful Words

As salamu ‘alaykum  to you too my dear child. You do indeed have a soft heart, and you have every right to try and protect it, but you would not be protecting it by behaving as they do. Getting hurt is just one of those things that help us to become better people as we grow in …

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