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Why Didn't Prophet Muhammad Designate His Successor?

Short Answer: This video summarizes the answer. Islam is valid for every time and place. If the prophet (peace be upon him) had appointed a successor, this would have limited succession to only one method, which is designation. He therefore left the options open for later generations. _____________________________________ Salam Dear Sara, For your question, let us first start with …

Teamwork in Islam: Living in a Muslim Team

The binding of team work in a Shura is essentially check and balance. Everyone plays a role for the betterment of society and leadership is essentially a responsibility, not a luxury, as seen in many countries today.

How Should We Practice Shura?

Before taking a decision that would affect the whole group of children, the guiding parent should take the children’s advice on what to do next, and then take a vote before making a decision. In this respect, the parent should always abide by the majority vote.

Do Muslims Need Shura Training?

A successful shura process enables people to look at the matter to be decided from different angles and identify the threats and opportunities in each alternative, thereby in the end reaching an informed, wise decision on the best option to implement…

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