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This Muslim Widow Turns Her Home to Cancer Patients Shelter

RABAT – A 72-year-old Moroccan Muslim widow has turned her house to a shelter for cancer patients after realizing how many people were forced to abandon outpatient treatment because of the expense of reaching the city and finding lodgings, Ilmfeed reported on Wednesday. Losing her husband to cancer in 2009, Khadija Ayad al-Qorti founded the …

Louisville Muslims Bring Thanksgiving Joy to Women Shelter

Women’s shelter receives backpacks, blankets from local Muslim group, doctors LOUISVILLE, KY – Local Muslim groups in Louisville, Kentucky have donated much-needed supplies to the city’s first women-only day shelter, bringing thanksgiving joy to its members. “We are so blessed to be in this wonderful country,” Dr. Waqar Saleem, board member of Doctors for Healthy …

Muslim Charity Provides Shelter for Domestic Violence Survivors

Muslim Charity Provides Shelter for Domestic Violence Survivors

It really hurts when someone is subjected to violence and abuse and has no option but to remain silent because they have no where to go. RAHMA Organization has launched a campaign using Launchgood fundraising platform to raise money for their new project, RAHMA Housing. The organization is collecting donations in order to purchase a home to …

Grateful That I'm In a Mosque: UK Homeless

LONDON – Jamie, a homeless British man, given a shelter in a mosque during the blistering cold weather, has thanked Muslims for offering a much-needed safe haven. “I’m just grateful that I’m in a mosque,” said Jamie. Jamie is one of the homeless people who resorted to British and Irish mosques during the latest freezing …

Oldham Mosque Opens Doors to Victims of Severe Storms

An Oldham mosque has opened its doors since Monday to welcome anyone in need of refuge due to the severe cold weather which has hit Greater Manchester and kept a large areas of Northern Europe under a record late winter snow.

Irish Mosque Opens Doors to Homeless Victims of Storm Emma

DUBLIN – The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, Clonskeagh Mosque, announced opening its doors to homeless people in the Irish capital Dublin during Storm Emma, expected to hit Western Europe with predicted temperatures of -10°C later this week. “We’re working closely with Dublin City Council and homeless organizations to be able to provide these services,” …

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