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Eager Convert to Islam

What is Your Best Advice for a New Eager Convert to Islam?

Short Answer: One of the women at the mosque where I converted told me: “Take it slow. Your Islam should be like a ladder. Climb it one step at a time. If you try to leap to the top, you will fall.” Also, take good care of yourself, find a good support system for new Muslims, …

This Scandinavian Girl Found Peace in Islam

This Scandinavian Girl Found Peace in Islam

Islam was something foreign. I grew up to believe that Islam is a bad and hateful religion that suppresses women. I couldn’t understand when women would choose to wear a scarf around her head. Muslims were the people you heard about in the news.

5 Most Difficult Challenges New Muslims Face

5 Most Difficult Challenges New Muslims Face

Wearing hijab and growing a beard are also a difficult milestone to reach. You do not have to do this the day after your shahadah. If you can, great! But if you absolutely can’t because you’re afraid or you just aren’t strong enough yet then that’s ok.

How to Revert to Islam and Become a Muslim

How to Revert to Islam and Become a Muslim

If anyone has a real desire to be a Muslim and has full conviction and strong belief that Islam is the true religion of God, then, all one needs to do is pronounce the “Shahadah”, the testimony of faith, without further delay. The “Shahadah” is the first and most important of the five pillars of Islam.

No Mosque

Converting But No Mosques Near Me: What Can I Do?

Short Answer: Try to find some through the contacts in Islamicfinder. There are quite a number of mosques and other Islamic services in Hungary, though most of them are in Budapest. Islam should make you a better person, so much so that your family and friends notice an improvement in you. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by …

My Brother, My Sister- How Muslims Are Interconnected

My Brother, My Sister: How Muslims Are Interconnected

To call someone “brother” or “sister” in Islam is not just a courtesy. It is not just a polite habit that has been acquired over the years. It is a fact. Only a real Muslim can understand these words. The ties between Muslims are even stronger than national ties…

Why Did a Christian PhD Theologian of Bible Embrace Islam?

Why Did a PhD Theologian of Bible Embrace Islam?

What attracts me in Islam is the truth in the Quran. I found many inconsistencies in the Bible, and too many people are worshiping Jesus as if he’s God, and no man can be put before God. It never made sense to me not to my heart. I was looking for truth and nothing has ever felt so right for me.

Muhammad shahadah

Why Is Prophet Muhammad Mentioned in the Shahadah?

Short answer: Prophet Muhammad was living example of how to implement Islam, and by following his example, we are obeying God’s commands in the Quran. Without his revelation, the Quran, the Muslim faith would not be complete. We must embrace him as the final prophet or we are not fully embracing Islam. Salam Dear Reader, Thank …

Why Do Converts Cry while Taking Shahadah?

Why Do Converts Cry while Taking Shahadah?

These overwhelming reactions often result in tears and feelings of liberation, as if the soul has been unburdened and set free.
Those who have not experienced this emotional release have trouble understanding the deep response felt by those who repeat the Shahadah…

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