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I Refused to Have Sex, So They Dumped Me

I Refused to Have Sex, So They Dumped Me

In this counseling answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaikum sister, Thank you for writing to us. While I am sad to hear of your frustration, I am very happy that you have refrained from zina! What a blessing that is for you, sister. You should be very proud of yourself for holding on to the precious gift of …

sexual addiction

Unveiling the Dark Secret: Sexual Addiction

Tanya, a 25-year-old mom, wakes up ready for another day. She hears her two children giggling at a cartoon they are watching in the living room. It is early, 7am, but they are up and ready for their day. Tanya yawns, stretches, and smiles as she thinks of the joy her children bring her. Her …

Turkey's ‘Halal’ Sex Shop

Triggering an expected controversy, a so-called “Islamic” online sex shop has opened in Turkey to sell “halal” sex products, becoming the first of its kind in the predominantly Muslim country.

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