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7 Tips on Talking to Kids About Homosexuality

7 Tips on Talking to Kids About Homosexuality

“Homosexuality has gained greater acceptance as an “alternative lifestyle” in the last 10 to 20 years in North America. Public school sex education, under the rubric of “Family Life Education” generally teaches an acceptance of homosexuality, a respect and/or tolerance for it. As is the case with sex education in general, there is little to …

What do you tell your child about sex?

What Do You Tell Your Child About Sex?

What do you do when your child accidentally watches a love scene on TV? How do you react when your child comes from school and asks you about pregnancy and how women get pregnant? What would be your answer when your child asks you about her/his private parts? Of course, our reactions and answers differ …


Sex Education: A Part of Parenting?

In this counseling answer: “I suggest that you take the initiative in building some bridges of friendliness with your parents regarding such topics, using humor and hinting that you would like to discuss these things with them. Maybe you could even tell them about your friends’ speaking about such topics with their parents. Maybe you …


Let’s Talk About Sex

“In my family, my colleague told me proudly, “we had so much hayaa’ that my mother and all the girls would come to every prayer, even when we were menstruating. If we couldn’t pray, we would get dressed for prayer and sit in the row behind the men so that when our father and brothers …


This Muslim Woman Is Breaking Taboos By Discussing Sex

A little suitcase filled with animated pictures and materials, steadfastness and confronting questions are the only things Fadoua Amjoud needs to get diverse classes talking about sexuality. Among the pupils are Muslims, but her aim is to teach everybody sex ed. “The most important thing is to break the taboo of speaking about sexuality, really. …

Children Engaged in Homosexuality, What to Do?

As-salamu alaykum, It is a most important concern for many parents. Research studies in Child Development has outlined several stages of growth and maturation in children concerning sexuality.Children even as young as two or three become curious and will often undress, touch/rub themselves and begin to develop an interest and curiosity in the human body. …


Discussing Sex at Home (video)

In this episode, sister Heather discusses an extremely important issue for Muslim parents; How sex can be discussed within the family? The interviewee is Sr. Nadiah Mohajir, co-founder and executive director of HEART Women & Girls  Project in Chicago. HEART Women & Girls promotes sexual health and sexual violence awareness in faith-based communities by developing culturally-sensitive health education, advocacy, …

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