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Biometric Verification Now Mandatory for Hajj

Biometric Verification Now Mandatory for Hajj

MAKKAH – In full preparation for the 2018 Hajj season, the authorities in Saudi Arabia have made biometric verification mandatory for all intending pilgrims. This forms an important part of a process to further streamline the identification process for the next pilgrimage season, which starts in mid August, The Express Tribune reported on June 25. …


Biometrics System Launched to Verify Hajj Permits

KSA’s National Information Center (NIC) and Public Security have launched a mobile biometrics system to verify hajj permits; Mohammed Al-Sulami of Arab News reported on Monday, August 28. The system provides the security personnel with many electronic services, including checking hajj permits and security scanning for wanted persons. This is conducted within seconds through fingerprinting, national ID or …

US Muslims Step Up Security Measures

A leading American Muslim civil rights advocacy group has called on Muslim communities nationwide to step up security measures for end-of-Ramadan activities following a sharp rise in hate attacks targeting Muslims, particularly women and girls.

The Faith Revival- Faith is Refuge

The Faith Revival - Faith is Refuge

Wherever you feel that insecurity coming from, that’s where you know you have a weakness and a vulnerability in your faith and that’s where you need to settle it so that your faith can be comprehensive and encompass all your limbs, all of your thoughts, all of your beliefs.

Do All Muslims Represent Islam?

Knowing that not all Muslims represent Islam does not solve the problem. Just what is this religion called Islam and how is it that many people who declare themselves Muslim misrepresent their own way of life?

Happiness is Found in Sincere Worship

The key to happiness is knowing and worshipping God. When one worships and remembers the Creator as He should be worshipped and remembered, happiness can be observed all around us, at any given moment and even on the darkest night…

Following the Quran, Sunnah & Ahl al-Bayt

The Prophet’s Sunnah, as a way of life, was perfectly typified by each and every member of his household, certainly more than anyone else, due to their constant proximity to and most intimate contacts with the Prophet which allowed them to be the immediate, and often first, recipients of his knowledge, wisdom and counsel.

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