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Saudi to Look for `Eid Moon Saturday

The Supreme Court has called on all Muslims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to sight the crescent of Shawwal on Saturday evening, 29 Ramadan, corresponding to June 24, to determine the start of `Eid Al-Fitr.

Breaking Ramadan Fast 2,500 Feet Above Makkah

Photos showing Saudi security pilots breaking their Ramadan fast in their public security helicopters above the holy city of Makkah have been shared online, showing stunning images of Kaa`ba 2500 feet above the ground.

Ramadan Starts Saturday

Filipino Muslims will celebrate the beginning of the holy fasting month of Ramadan on Saturday, May 27, following announcement that the new moon was not sighted on Thursday, 29th of Shaaban.

Saudi to Look for Ramadan Moon Thursday

The Supreme Court has called on all Muslims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to sight the crescent of the holy month of Ramadan on Thursday evening, 29 Sha’ban, corresponding to May 25.

US Muslim Group Advices Trump on Islam Speech

After the announcement of President Trump’s scheduled speech outlining his “hopes for a peaceful vision of Islam” during an upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia, a leading American Muslim civil rights group advised him to avoid “pejorative terminology” and “anti-Muslim stereotypes” promoted by some of his advisers.

Trump to Address Muslims from Saudi

In a strikingly different approach from his predecessor, Donald Trump will give a speech in Saudi Arabia on combatting the so caller “radical Islam”, in his first abroad as a US President.

What's Inside the Ka`bah?

The Ka’bah is the sacred House of God situated in the middle of the Holy mosque in the city of Makkah, in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Extends Umrah Season by One Month

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Hajj and Umrah Ministry has announced an extension of the Umrah season by one month, allowing more Muslims to perform the religious ritual.

After 2016 Boycott, Iranians to Resume Hajj

Following a year full of tensions, Saudi Arabia announced Friday, March 17, that Iranian pilgrims will participate in this year’s annual hajj, after agreeing on security and logistics.

Saudi to Increase Hajj Pilgrims This Year

Finalizing expansion work in the holy shrines, Saudi Arabia approved earlier this week a 40 percent increase in the number of pilgrims who could perform the life-time journey of hajj this year.

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