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Get Rid of Sorrow

Why do you look so sad? What is the point of sorrow in your life? Are you living your life or just surviving? People may laugh and play, but does that mean they don’t harbor sorrow and regret? If all the world continually grumbled about their problems, the world would be overcome with sorrow and …

Am I Failing the Patience Test by Feeling Sad?

Am I Failing the Patience Test by Feeling Sad?

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Sister, Thank you so much for sending this question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Your question is very important indeed. We need to clarify a few matters here. Allah Created Life as a Test Allah created life to test us and test our true faith to Him. As He said: Blessed …

Don't Be Sad (Healing Words)

“Don’t ruin your happiness with worry, and don’t ruin your mind with pessimism; don’t ruin your success with deception; and don’t ruin the optimism of others by destroying it; don’t ruin your day by looking back at yesterday…

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