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Islam in the Hub of FIFA World Cup 2018

Islam in the Hub of FIFA 2018 World Cup

MOSCOW – It was in 2010 when Russia got the nod from  the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)  to host the current 21st World Cup, the globe’s most prestigious football tournament The competition is slated to run between June 14 and July 15, and it  features seven Muslim nations out of the 32 contestants; they …

The Six Muslim Hosts of FIFA World Cup 2018

As the world welcomes today, June 14, the 21st edition of the most popular sports event in the world, i.e. the World Cup, many eyes of the world soccer fans are already sparkled with high anticipation. What’s new in this year’s tournament is that six Muslim cities will take part in hosting some matches and …

2018 World Cup: Kazan Ready to Welcome Muslim Fans

When Iranian football fans travel to Russia for the World Cup this summer, one place they will be sure of a specially warm welcome is Kazan. Kazan is the capital and largest city of the Muslim republic of Tatarstan. It lies at the confluence of Volga and Kazanka rivers in far easternmost Europe on a …

FIFA Plans Muslim-Friendly World Cup Guide

MOSCOW – Expecting more than 100,000 Muslim fans at the Russia 2018 World Cup, the world football governing body (FIFA) is planning a Muslim-Friendly guide which will detail the location of mosques, halal restaurants, and information on prayer times. “My faith is part of my life so everybody who knows me knows that I am …

Muslims Reach 25 Million in Russia: Mufti

MOSCOW – Since the mid 7th century that it first reached the Caucasus region, Islam has been growing significantly in Russia, reaching 25 million according to the European country’s Grand Mufti. “Islam came to Russia in the seventh century. Followers of our Prophet Muhammad came to Russia 22 years after he left earthly life,” Grand …

Muslim Wins Eurovision, Revives Tatar Deportations

Performing a song reviving war-time deportations of ethnic Tatars from Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula by Soviet dictator Stalin, Ukrainian Muslim Jamala won the Eurovision Song Contest to be met with celebrations across the country.

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