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Not Setting a Good Example for My Daughter

 In this counseling answer: •Continue on the path you have started, by introducing Islam slowly and softly in your daughter’s life. •Don’t be too preachy but try to capitalize on the warmth of the mother-daughter relationship to share with her and let her see it for herself. Don’t shove it down her throat, in other …

5 Reasons Why the Life of the Prophet Muhammad Was Spiritual

5 Reasons Why the Life of the Prophet Muhammad Was Spiritual

There was never a time when the Prophet Muhammad asked, “Why me?” When he was put through a test in his life, he didn’t have the attitude that Allah was out to get him. He always trusted that whatever was happening was for a reason, and that the wisdom of Allah was greater than his wishes.

Youth Confusion- Lack of True Role Models

Youth Confusion: Lack of True Role Models

Muslim youth need to look up to such persons and witness their model legacies. They need to directly see and meet them, and thus, easily identify themselves and their struggles with them. They need inspirations and motivations that are products of their…

How My Faith Impacts Me as a Muslim Gamer

How My Faith Impacts Me as a Muslim Gamer

Personally, I have always tried my best to be as heroic as possible in video games. My hope is that it will rub off on me in real life — that if I spend enough time wanting to be good in game, my mind will start to think goodness and act upon it in real life.

Muslim Foster Carer Recognized with National Award

Muslim Foster Carer Honored with UK National Award

In recognition of her exceptional contribution to fostering , Afia Choudhury has been awarded The Fostering Network’s President’s Award 2018. Choudhury humbly collected her award on October, 30 at the Fostering Excellence Awards ceremony in London, Imlfeed reported. Over the last 15 years, Choudhury provided shelter to almost 30 children in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Upon  receiving …

UFC Champ Khabib Hails Mo Salah as Muslim ‘Role Model’

DUBAI – The world’s top Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has hailed Muslim football star Mohamed Salah as a “role model”, admiring the “humble” Liverpool striker despite his huge fame. “I follow him but I haven’t met him before. He’s a great player, we want many role models like him,” Nurmagomedov told Al …

Like Muhammad Ali… 10 Ways to Be an Ambassador of Islam

Like Muhammad Ali - 10 Ways to Be an Ambassador of Islam

The more I read about the life of Muhammad Ali, the more I see a unique model of self growth and transformation for Muslims and mankind at large. Just like Muhammad Ali… Here are 10 ways you can be an ambassador of Islam 1- If you cannot change…

Top 10 Secrets For a Happy Marriage (Folder)

Be Like Khadijah – 4 Traits A Wise Wife Should Have

Making a wise selection is a crucial first step towards being a supportive and loving wife, because you can only truly love with all your heart a person whom you admire and respect, not a person who has millions nor one who has a famous dad.

This Is Why Mo Salah Is So Important to Muslim Children

LONDON – For British Muslim families, the shouts and songs praising Liverpool’s star Mohamed Salah reflect how the Muslim player is changing perceptions of Muslims and offering role model to young children. “At the top of his game, Mohamed Salah is uniting communities,” Rabiya Limbada wrote on BBC. “He will pray on the pitch, he …


No Male Role Models

As-salamu `alaykum.  You sum it up nicely when you say, “I think the general belief here is that so long as the man is providing financially he’s doing his job as far as his kids go.” It’s unfortunate, but your son is reflecting his father’s apathy and absence of true passion in and for life. …

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