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Rohingya Refugees Stuck in Muddy, Flood-Prone Sites

The United Nations migration agency and its partners are rushing to build roads in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar to improve humanitarian access to hilly terrain, where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees have settled in makeshift camps. Almost 600000 Rohingya refugees have sought safety in Bangladesh in the past two months. The numbers show no sign …


“I Thought I Would Die”- New Report on Rohingya by BROUK

A new report documenting atrocities against the Rohingya has been released on November 1st by BROUK (Burmese Rohingya Organization UK). The report is based on more than a dozen interviews conducted in the Cox’s Bazar region of Bangladesh with Rohingya refugees who had arrived from Myanmar since attacks on August 25th. BROUK interviewed six child victims, …

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