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Rohingya Muslims Describe Daily Horror in Burmese Capital

YANGON – Day after day, Rohingya Muslims in Yangon witness vanishing freedoms and opportunities, as well as rising persecution and hatred from their Buddhist neighbors and friends. Fear filled the air in the city, the capital of Burma, after the Burmese military’s operation in Rakhine state in the west of the country in which complete …

These Rohingya Women Survived a Massacre (

These Rohingya Women Survived a Massacre

These Rohingya women survived to tell the tale of a brutal massacre that Myanmar’s army carried out in their village. Myanmar’s army entered the village of Tula Toli on Aug. 30, 2017, and carried out systematic killings, and rape of several hundred Rohingya Muslims. These killings took place even after assurance from Myanmar’s government that there were …

Journalists Urge UN to Stop “Muslim Holocaust” in Burma

A group of international journalists and activists has called on the UN to put an end to the “Muslim holocaust” in Burma, accusing the Buddhist-majority country of committing the “worst bloodshed” against the Rohingya Muslim minority group.

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