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A Convert or a Revert? How It Does Matter

Converting to Islam, this knowledge does not all of the sudden become apparent. Nor is it innate to the child. Knowing exactly how one is to obey his or her creator comes with knowledge. Therefore it takes more than being born and left to that innate nature to be a Muslim.

Do Not Despair: Islam Tells What Success Really Is

Always work to improve your own understanding of Islam to avoid falling into the waylay trap of the “contemporary” thought and definition of success. Those who seek knowledge on the path of Allah with sincere intentions, Allah will safeguard and preserve them in their deen.

Curse of the Modern Mindset of Success

While this mindset perpetuates and infiltrates the next generation, it is unfortunately normal for new Muslims to observe many of their Muslim peers define success the same way a non-Muslim would define success.

I Finally Have a Place where I Belong

Before I took the Shahadah, my hands were shaking and my heart was racing because I was so nervous. When I had finished saying the words, (in Arabic even), my hands stopped shaking and I finally felt at peace. I began to cry for the joy that was in my heart. I had never before in my life had a feeling like this, and I was so happy.

An Arab Religion, Right?

But Islam had to be an Arab religion, right? It can’t be the faith that young American women gravitate to, can it? I soon discovered that the majority of Muslims are not Arab…

Must I Sacrifice Friendship to Convert to Islam

Must I Sacrifice Friendship to Convert to Islam?

Salam (Peace) Dear Helen, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. You know what? Your question made me smile. It’s heartwarming to be reminded that women are the same the world over. Finding Mr. Right is always so important to every girl regardless of religion or culture. Now let’s get serious. Religious …

Reverts Freed From Addictions with Islam (Part 2)

Free yourself, free your soul, free your body and mind from harm, and don’t allow Satan to tempt your nafs, and you will find the ultimate freedom of all kind with Allah as your guard against his attacks.

I Found What Was Missing in My Life

I wish more and more people in my country would go beyond biased mass media’s view on Islam and start reading the Quran and understand the depth of this beautiful religion called Islam.

New Muslims: How to Be Productive

How can we be productive after converting to Islam and keep a balance in life? No one expects you to become a scholar in one month. Approaching Islam step by step is actually the best way…

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