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Ramadan Was Difficult For Me

Ramadan was extremely difficult for this sister at the beginning because it was very long hours and food is a big deal in her family!

What Is The Right Time to Convert

What Is The Right Time to Convert to Islam?

Short Answer: My advice is that you go ahead and declare the Shahadah and then you can strengthen yourself by learning how to perform the Prayers and other forms of worship. If you keep delaying your acceptance of Islam until you feel you are “ready” you will never feel ready. Enter the fold of Islam and then gradually learn to practice …

Ramadan Coach for Newly Practicing Muslims

Ramadan Coach for Newly Practicing Muslims

Ramadan is like our off season training. This is when we have intensive training on remembering Allah, reading and understanding the Quran, doing more charity, giving alms, doing more acts of worship, whatever they may be… they may be extra voluntary prayers…

convert to Islam

I Want to Be Muslim: How Do I Convert to Islam?

Short Answer: If anyone is strongly convinced that Islam is the true religion ordained by God, then he/she should take the Shahadah to convert to Islam. The Shahadah is the first and the most important of the five pillars of Islam. After your declaration of the testimony of faith, you need to learn more about Islam and practice it according to …

Lonely Revert: No One Wants to Be a Mentor to Me

Lonely Revert: No One Wants to Be a Mentor to Me

In this counseling answer: “I know the feelings of loneliness can be overwhelming as a revert as we all need good Muslim sisters to do things with, learn from, and feel connected to. But, in sha’ Allah, it will change in time. I encourage you to reach out to other Muslims and other venues (meet-ups, study groups, …

New Muslims: Marry a Born-Muslim or Revert?

A revert who has been raised in the West might have to resort to a considerable amount of adjustment if they choose to marry a born Muslim, especially in how much they’ll need to assimilate into a new cultural setup and learn to live in a tightly-knit extended family…


About to Convert, Concerned About My Family

Short Answer: Muslims should be the best in goodness and in honoring their family because charity begins at home. As a person who really thinks about converting to Islam, you should also think about introducing Islam to your family and making them enjoy the blessing of knowing the way of Allah and His straight path. _____________________________________ …

A Japanese Muslim Working In Japan

Keisuke Tanaka is a Japanese Muslim. When he got his current job he had just converted to Islam. He explains how he prays when he is at work in Japan.

New Year’s Resolutions For Reverts - Setting Goals

New Year’s Resolutions For Reverts - Setting Goals

Why not shake things up this year and make New Year’s resolutions that you can strive to apply to each and every one of the upcoming 365 days? It’s as simple as making a list of all of the New Year’s resolutions you would like to fulfill and keeping track of your progress throughout the year.

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