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Priest Jason - My Story How I Found Islam

I was what is known as a worker-priest, which means I had a job at the same time as I was doing my ministry. I had changed from working in corporate America to working in a behavioral health agency. My post was down the street from a Masjid. I thought that this was my chance to learn about Islam for my interfaith relations.

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How Can I Convert to Islam When My Parents Are Islamophobes?

Short Answer: Keep your conversion to Islam a secret for as long as possible. Be an example, improve yourself with Islam as much as possible before trying to explain yourself with words. Show them how much Islam has changed you for the better. Be careful in praying, fasting, and eating to avoid offending them and …

The Origins of Halloween

Halloween - A Revert's Remembrance and Advice

As a child on Halloween, I was allowed to dress up but my parents didn’t approve of trick or treating. Firstly it’s like begging and secondly you really don’t know whose door you could be knocking on, and it’s not safe in this day and age. When I reverted 7 years…

Ex Singer Embraces Islam

She went to clubs, she used to drink, she was a singer in a girl band, she got VIP tickets to clubs yet she never liked herself until this ex singer embraced Islam!

I Loved Senegal, I Didn’t Want To Leave!

I Loved Senegal, I Didn't Want To Leave!

After his friend spent time in Senegal he accepted Islam. This changed their relationship a little but when he saw how Islam changed his friend, he accepted it. He went to Senegal and didn’t want to leave!

Advice for Revert Sisters Making Hijrah to Egypt

Advice for Revert Sisters Making Hijrah to Egypt

Are you a revert sister wanting to move to Egypt? Do you have plans to study Islam, or to get married, or both? In this three part series, I will discuss many things that should be taken into consideration when making hijrah, regardless of the reason.

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Real Talk: Why Are Some Converts Leaving Islam?

Salam Dear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. How many times has someone accepted Islam and declared Shahadah in the mosque, only for a month or so later people to ask “whatever happened to that brother who accepted Islam a month ago?” The fact is that there are many …

The Prophet's Farewell Sermon - A Revert's Reflections

The Prophet's Farewell Sermon - A Revert's Reflections

When first learning about Islam, and I came across the final sermon, I felt a sense of peace because the Prophet had simplified some of the most important matters that afflict the ummah as a whole the most often. These points he touched upon gave a simplified view of Islam that puts it all in a nutshell.

How I Came to Love the Prayer as a Muslim

How I Came to Love the Prayer as a Muslim

I had begun to pray but the most important hurdle still remained – how was I going to fit so many prayers into my schedule. I was in my last two years at school, so I had to work hard which meant I had to do homework and study when I got back home.

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I Want To Become Muslim: How Can I Convert?

Salam Dear Brother, Thank you very much for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. May Allah bless you for choosing Islam as your religion and as your way of life! The Basics The first thing you have to do to convert to Islam is to acknowledge the two key tenets of the Islamic faith. …

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