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Tips to Be a Good Example For Your Kids

Tips to Be a Good Example For Your Kids

Your children will learn without you instructing them that at the time of Adhan nothing is more important than the prayer. They will happily follow in your footsteps and fulfill performing the Prayer. This is why you find a one year old child falling to Sujud…

5 Valuable Pieces of Advice For Youth

5 Valuable Pieces of Advice For the Youth

Respect yourself, respect everyone around you, respect the fact that you are a Muslim. And understand that those who are around you are always in search of goodness. And the human mind is extremely inquisitive. So if you keep trying in a very polite way…

3 Non-Muslims Praised by Prophet Muhammad

Mut’im was one of those who had previously helped in nullifying the Quraysh’s boycott that led the whole sub-tribe of the Prophet to starve for three years. When he heard that the Prophet was asking for his protection, he immediately sent a positive answer. Then he ordered his sons…

Imam Azeez: Don't Take Kids' Respect for Granted (Video)

Imam Azeez: Don't Take Kids' Respect for Granted

Many Muslim countries still cherish Islamic values of dutifulness and kids’ respect to parents. That makes it easier for kids to learn and practice these norms. On the other hand, that is not necessarily the case in Western countries where values of individual freedom and personal success have the upper hand. The problem emerges when …

A Motivational Story about Respecting One's Uniqueness

A Motivational Story about Respecting One's Uniqueness

Why couldn’t we live that way? With mutual respect for one another’s identity and uniqueness; without forcing the other person to change and take after the characteristics we have? Why do I have to be like you in order to be accepted? Do you like it if I demanded that you become like me, so that I could accept you?

Islam Teaches What Mainstream Media Hides

Islam recognizes that human beings are the custodians of the earth and all that is on it, including vegetation, animals, oceans, rivers, deserts, and fertile land. God provides us with the things we need to survive successfully and flourish, but we are obligated to care for them and preserve them for future generations.

How to Honor parents after their Death

How to Honor and Respect Parents even after Their Death

Although death may take us at any age, parents are often elderly and as such require special care and attention. Even though the rigors of old age may cause parents to be demanding, impatient or petulant, a Muslim is still obligated to treat then with kindness and to look after them lovingly.

I Hurt My Friend: What Should I Do?

I Hurt My Friend: What Should I Do?

Answer: As-Salaam ‘Alaikum, You are lucky to have such a close friend who you care so much about. Sometimes, we hurt people unintentionally. It can be hard to understand what we have done wrong until we see it from the other person’s point of view. I am sure you did not mean to hurt her, …

4 Steps to Increase the Power of the Soul

Increasing the power of the soul has no limits. If one is determined, uses one’s will properly and exhibits patience, then one can achieve an undreamed of depth of faith and moral virtue. One can obtain a force and richness of soul one had never known or experienced before.

4 Ways to Honor In-Laws and Make Marriage Work

Unlike your biological familial bonds that exist on the basis of the umbilical cord, you do not grow up cultivating and nurturing in-law relationships since childhood, having successfully reached a comfortable zone of closure and frankness with the passage of time…

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