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Does Ramadan Expiate Major Sins?

Does Ramadan Expiate Major Sins?

The closeness we experience to Allah in Ramadan is unlike the closeness we experience throughout the year. So that’s your greatest opportunity to just shed a tear! Why you’re standing up looking for Laylatul Qadr? You shed a tear and you really make…

What sets Adam (PBUH) and Satan apart

Quran Reflections... What Sets Adam and Satan Apart

One of my favorite stories in the Quran is the story of Adam and Satan; the reason I love this story so much is because it shows us the trajectory of your spiritual decisions. Adam and Satan both had one thing in common: they both made a mistake and they both transgressed a command of …

How to Convert Your Sins to Good Deeds?

How to Convert Your Sins to Good Deeds?

Allah says: “We will take the sins they committed and convert them into good deeds and put them on the right side of the scale when they come on the Day of Judgment, their sins will have been converted into acts of worship because of the two conditions that they met…”


Are We Accountable for Major Sins After Repenting?

Short Answer: Allah’s door is open for repentance. It is a door that will not close until the Muslim dies!  Allah accepts repentance if it meets five conditions. A good advice to help you maintain your repentance firmly is to spend time with good people. Finally, performing Hajj erases all past sins. _____________________________________ Salam Dear Badiaa, Thank you for …

Hate My Past

I Hate My Past: Will My Sins Determine My Future?

Short Answer: No person on this earth can know for certain what Allah will do. Have you asked Allah for forgiveness? We are reminded over and over and over again of Allah’s Mercy, so please do not doubt it and don’t despair. _____________________________________ Assalaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, Thank you for submitting this question. I am sorry …

Prayer After Repentance

When we sin we should make sincere repentance and the sun ah is to pray after making sincere repentance. Check this reminder.

Leaving All Worldly Matters

Leaving All Worldly Matters in the Name of Allah?

Asalaamu alaykum, and thank you for sending in your question to our website. It is heartening to note, brother, how sincerely you have repented for your sins and turned back to Allah, with so much humility. Congratulations, brother, on this great deed. Surely, Allah loves that sin which makes a believer sad, repentant and humble, …

Steps to Repentance That Will Grant You Forgiveness

Steps to Repentance That Will Grant You Forgiveness

One who delays repentance is like the man who is asked to uproot a tree and responds: “the tree is strong and I am weak. I’ll wait until next year!” The fool doesn’t realize that the tree only grows stronger. The carnal appetites are like the tree, they gain strength every day…

On Repentance and Hope

Ibn `Ataa' on Repentance and Hope

In his well-known book, Al-Hikam (Words of Wisdom), sheikh Ahmad Ibn `Ataa’illah As-Sakandari says: “If you find yourself having less hope in God when you make a mistake, then realize you are only relying on your work, not on God’s Mercy” When I have an intention to commence on a spiritual journey to God, I …

Companion Kissed Woman & Wanted to Repent

Companion Kissed Woman & Wanted to Repent

A man came to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) feeling guilty because he kissed a woman in the market. He was frustrated and wanted something to do to get this sin forgiven. To answer his question, a Quranic verse was revealed to the Prophet telling this man what to do. …

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