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The Road to Salvation- Repentance is the Key

The Road to Salvation: Repentance is the Key

Repentance is essential for a person to lead a peaceful life. The reward of repentance is a good life close to God and covered with contentment and peace of mind. However, there are three conditions to repentance. They are, giving up the sin, feeling regret forever having committed the sin and resolving never to go back to the sin.

10 Benefits of Asking God’s Forgiveness

10 Benefits of Asking God’s Forgiveness

As for the effect that beseeching Allah’s forgiveness has on our fears, worries, and difficulties, one thing all rational people from all nations and faith traditions agree upon is that sins and corruption cause anxiety, fear, and depression, as well as diseases of the heart.

How To Repent Properly

We all sin, but Allah doesn’t stop loving us. He says all sins will be forgiven. He tells us to go back to Him so find out how to repent properly.

Do Prophets Sin?

Prophetic Sin: Do Prophets Sin?

How could a Prophet of God, who was to be a role model for society, be a “wrongdoer”? If God wanted angels to dwell on earth, that could have happened; but God chose fallible humans instead…

Wash Your Past Sins Away - Dua

Wash Your Past Sins Away - Dua

We all sin and we all need to repent. Here is a beautiful dua that will wash your past sins away. It is repeated through out so you can learn it and it has English translation.

Dua For Mistakes

Dua For Mistakes

Unfortunately we all slip up from time to time and we must all repent. This is a beautiful dua we can say daily in order to ask Allah to forgive us for the mistakes we have made. It is repeated for you to learn and has English subtitles.

3 Ways To Wipe Your Sins Away - Ramadan Reminder

3 Ways To Wipe Your Sins Away - Ramadan Reminder

There are three things that any one of them will forgive all sins if we repent properly and do what Allah tells us to do and follow the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Dr. Yasir Qadhi goes through the 3 ways to wipe your sins away!

4 Amazing Lessons from the Story of Prophet Jonah

Jonah continued to repent for three days inside the fish, trusting in the Will of Allah. He did not panic and lament his misfortune. Instead he put his trust in the Divine and spent his time in dhikr and seeking forgiveness, until Allah ordered the fish to release him.

Repent, Allah Loves You

We do wrong by Allah. He asks us to do something that’s actually in our own favor, but we neglect Him, we disobey Him, we disregard Him and we don’t do it once. We do it over and over, and over again. And yet Allah, so massive in His love, so incredibly infinite in His mercy…

The Challenge of Being Just & Fair Between Children

When children are under the age of 5-10, it is much easier to be just between them. Each little one gets equal amounts of the same thing, or chooses something they like within a budget. For example, they all get to bring a book of their choice, sit on their parent’s lap, and have it…

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