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Perfect the Religion

Why Did it Take Allah Several Prophets to Perfect the Religion?

Short Answer:  God made it man’s choice whether to obey His commandments or to challenge them. Out of His infinite Mercy God has sent His prophets to guide humans along the right path. Allah created the world with all its variegated bounties and put man in charge. And Guidance is given through the Prophets and Books. …

The Muslims Equal Islam Argument

The Muslims Equal Islam Argument

Individuals who confuse Islam with the actions of Muslims are even able to distinguish between extremists in other religions and the teachings of that religion, but they cannot extend this to Islam. For instance, they do not blame or attribute the actions of the…

Faith-based Lifestyle Normalizes Blood Pressure: US Scientists

DALLAS, Texas – Scientists from the American Heart Association have discovered that a religious program designed to encourage people to have a healthy faith-based lifestyle has succeeded in lowering their systolic blood pressure, the association’s journal reported. “Implementation of a lifestyle program in a faith-based setting was very effective in improving blood pressure control and …


When a Son Doesn't Want to be a Muslim

In this counseling answer •Try to listen without comment. •Try to understand the child’s circumstances, as well as the different variables in his life •Try to comprehend the nature of what he is going through •Try to close their eyes to minor issues and concentrate on the major ones, such as the identity crisis •Try …

I Believe In God But Not Religion

I Believe In God But Not Religion

Many people say I believe in God but not religion. This concept doesn’t make sense. If you don’t follow the program Islam sets out, you will never be successful.

My Muslim Husband Completed the Half of My Faith

My Muslim Husband Completed the Half of My Faith

Four months later, I woke up one day wondering what would happen if I became a Muslim. So I decided to go to a mosque. When I was there, I heard the most beautiful thing I had ever heard in my life. I asked the Imam’s wife what that was and she told me…

China Targets Religion in New Party Rules

BEIJING — China’s ruling Communist Party has issued a revised set of regulations governing members’ behavior, threatening punishment for spreading “political rumors” and recommending those who cling to religious beliefs to leave the party, Euro News reported on August 27. “Party members who have religious belief should have strengthened through education. If they still don’t …

Holiest City

How Did Our Holiest City Start?

Makkah is the most sacred place on earth for Muslims. It’s a city in the Tihamah plain of western Arabian Peninsula. It lies at 70 km inland from the Red Sea in a narrow valley at a height of 277 m above sea level. According to 2012 estimates, Makkah had roughly two million people, although visitors …

Digital Solar Clock

Waking for a Sunless Suhoor by Solar Alarm

How can a solar alarm clock wake me up for suhoor, I thought when I saw an online ad for one. It was shortly before the beginning of Ramadan and the importance of waking early for suhoor was running through my mind.


Green Up Your Ramadan: Practical Tips

The month of Ramadan is now blessing our days and most of us have a list of goals for those special occasions. Ramadan is the best time to give up bad habits and start good ones, as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us that devils are chained during this month and their power to distract and tempt us is diminished.

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