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This Religion is Easy...

This Religion is Easy...

Perfection is not what is expected. We can go as far as to say that demanding perfection from people runs contrary to the principle of moderation that we are discussing. The principle of moderation requires us to recognize that perfection cannot be maintained or even achieved.

I Found All Answers to My Questions in Islam

I Found All Answers to My Questions in the Quran

I was very fond of Catholicism, there were no questions asked- I just took on whatever was fed to me. At the start of secondary school, nothing had changed. I went along believing what I was taught. But by the age of 13, I began to question things…

Non-Muslim Tourists Entering the Mosque

Sacred Geometry of Islamic Architecture

The main precept of Islam is the unity and oneness of Allah and the importance of worshipping only Allah and not any statues or other beings. However, as humankind tends to believe what is visible, even in Islam, importance is often placed on physical representations of worship.

Islam Is Not About Being Perfect

Islam is Not About Being Perfect

Nobody is perfect, and we don’t know which of us is closest to Allah. All that He expects from us is a sincere effort, and honest repentance when we fail. Society expects perfection, but God does not…

My Love for Jesus Led Me to Islam

My Love for Jesus Led Me to Islam

I was a very staunch Christian before converting to Islam. My life as a Christian was a focal point of my faith journey; without it I would not be a Muslim and it was my love for Jesus (peace be upon him) that actually led me to Islam.

Relations Between Muslims and Non-Muslims

Muslims and Non-Muslims Relations: The Basic Rule

Islam has not left any aspect of life without its required guidelines. For each aspect, it sets a basic rule, which is in harmony with the basic rules of the other aspects, to indicate in the end, that there is only one Creator and one perfect Legislator. The basic rule usually functions as an axis …

Status of Brain during Prayers

Since the beginning of time, philosophers, psychologists, scientists, and many others have always questioned the presence of God. According to research done since the past few years, belief in God isn’t merely a play of the mind, or belief in the unseen, it is the reality. Researchers have found a strong connection between brain activity …

Race, Discrimination and Bigotry in Islam

Islam Towards Racism, Discrimination and Bigotry

The religion of Islam is not confined to any nation, race or ethnicity; it is for the entire human race. It’s universal. It brings together the entire human race under one umbrella of equality and unites them in their ultimate purpose of worshiping Allah alone.

How Friday Prayer Brought Me To Islam

How Friday Prayer Brought Me to Islam

For Musa, his religion seemed so important… How can something be more important than to have a job that helps you pay your bills? I wanted to know more about Musa’s religion. But almost twenty years ago, it was not easy…

Perfect the Religion

Why Did it Take Allah Several Prophets to Perfect the Religion?

Short Answer:  God made it man’s choice whether to obey His commandments or to challenge them. Out of His infinite Mercy God has sent His prophets to guide humans along the right path. Allah created the world with all its variegated bounties and put man in charge. And Guidance is given through the Prophets and Books. …

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