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Pakistani-American Team Wins $1 Million Prize

A Pakistani-American team from Rutgers University has won this year’s $1 million Hult Prize, a high profile, global contest for student social entrepreneurs focused on tech for refugees.

Canadian Muslim Campaigns to Help Persecuted Rohingya in Myanmar

Rohingya-Canadian Muslim Campaigns to Help Persecuted Minority

In an effort to alleviate the suffering of her persecuted minority in Myanmar, a Rohingya refugee in Canada is championing a fundraising campaign to help Rohingya Muslims in the Buddhist-majority country. Based in Vancouver, Yasmine Ullah is part of a Rohingya women-led initiative, spearheaded by her mother, aimed at crowdfunding to help Rohingya Muslims still …

Syrian Refugees Cook Feast for Irma Evacuees

GEORGIA – Going through the feelings of leaving their homes, Syrian refugees in Clarkson, Georgia, rushed to help Americans who were forced to evacuate their homes after stricken by Hurricane Irma.


European Refugees in the Middle East During World War 2

Much of the discourse around refugees, particularly within certain strands of the media, has taken the flavor of “us” and “them”. Refugees are regularly dehumanized, and talked about in the language of “swarms”. This is not reserved to right-wing media, with former British Prime Minister David Cameron using the latter term to describe some of …

Syrians Host Free Dinner for Canadian Homeless

Paying back to Saint John, New Brunswick, a group of Syrian refugees are planning a free dinner of Syrian cuisine to the city’s homeless to say thank you to the community which embraced them.

Ilhan Omar: I'm America’s Hope & Trump's Nightmare

State Rep. Ilhan Omar told Trevor Noah in Thursday’s episode of the Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” and a national audience that she wants President Trump to come visit the Twin Cities’ Somali community.


What It Feels Like to Flee Your Home

In the middle of the night you’re loaded onto a ship with other refugees. You are lucky: your whole family can travel. The ship is so full that it threatens to capsize. You pray that you don’t drown. The people around you are crying and screaming.

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