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Refugees in Austria Help to Feed the poor

Refugees in Austria Help Feed the Poor

On a chilly morning on an industrial estate in Vienna, Ali and Rozh are picking through boxes of donated vegetables. The two asylum-seekers, both from Iraq, are not homeless or hungry themselves. They are volunteering at a food bank that fights waste and distributes leftover food to the poor. “We are happy to use our …

Syrian Refugee

Syrian Refugee Pays Back by Helping People in Canada

Showing gratitude to Canadian people for bringing him to their country , Syrian refugee Mazen Khalaf is happy to help others as well. Khalaf, a father of three, is working at a gas station in Newmarket town in the province of Ontario. When he was faced with  a customer whose payment card would not work at the gas …


Surviving Winter in Tents - Stand with the Refugees

As you sit in your cozy home, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in this cold weather, As you plan a hot meal to warm up your family during a cold night, As you put on your new coat, As you sit beside the hearth in your living room, As you make sure the kids …

winter appeal

Winter Appeal: A Struggle for Survival

Seven years on and still millions of Syrians need your support. International and Muslim relief organizations again this year are requesting your support to help our brothers and sister in Syria overcome another harsh winter. Millions of men, women, boys and girls are internally displaced, many without adequate clothing and have to stay in make-shift shelters, …

Health Risks Grow for Rohingya in Bangladesh's Camps

Concerns are growing over a possible outbreak of disease in crowded Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. “There is a high risk of a public health event, not just cholera and acute watery diarrhea,” said Naim Talukder of the group Action Against Hunger, who is coordinating the efforts of 31 groups and agencies to manage water, …

How Did Prophet Muhammad Deal with Refugees?

Prophet Muhammad himself was a refugee, when he, along with the majority of his followers, fled Makkah and sought refuge in Madinah. This is the most important migration in the history of Islam…

Canada’s Envoy Examines Anti-Rohinyga Atrocities

Horrific accounts of sexual assault, aerial bombings, beheading and attacks on children with machetes offered Canada’s special envoy to Burma a first-hand experience of the violence committing against Rohingya Muslims.

Muslim refugees

What Are Muslim Countries Doing to Help Muslim Refugees?

Short Answer: They’re doing far more than most English-speaking media outlets are reporting. A core problem is the phrasing used to refer to refugees: “…many… are not considered refugees and they are not part of the UNHCR statistics. They are classified as “Arab brothers and sisters in distress”. Another key issue is the lack of established …

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