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Former Refugee Helps Newcomers Find Jobs in Canada

Hoping to provide a helping hand to newcomers, a former refugee has launched a website to help refugees find jobs in the Canadian province of Winnipeg. “I feel for the refugees. I know how they feel,” Omar Rahimi said. “I know what they’ve been through. I can feel their families. They are so happy to …

Protection of Refugees in Shariah & International Law

Protection of Refugees in Shariah & International Law (Part 1)

As I watch in dismay, like millions around the world, the ongoing troubling situations in the US with regard to the latest decision by the new US administration to ban refugees from certain Muslim countries, and all what this has led to, i.e. chaos, rebuke, condemnations and protests sweeping the entire country, I find myself …

Asylum Seeker Volunteers to Rescue Refugee

Asylum Seeker Volunteers to Rescue Refugees

Though many volunteers work for hours to rescue refugees coming to Sicily, only Amani Teklahaimanot understands the feelings of those battling sea waves on small boat to reach Europe.

Through his life, Moses kept the command of God as a constant. Even in things that might have seemed mundane, he kept going at it even if he didn’t quite understand. He trusted that God knew better.

Lessons from Moses’ Trust

How did Moses have trust that was this great? It is a combination of lots of things among which are the things that Allah gave him, among the lessons and among the people around him. Importantly and often missed out is the fact that four women shaped his life…

Assam Hadhad was a chocolate maker in Damascus before he lost everything to war. (Tom Murphy/CBC)

Sweet Chocolate Ends Refugee's Bitter Days

Nearly seven months after arriving in Nova Scotia, a Syrian refugee who was once a successful chocolate maker in Damascus but he lost it all to war has started a tiny shed-turned-factory to pay back to the welcoming community.


Global Forced Displacement Hits Record High (Watch)

Forced displacement has been on the rise since at least the mid-1990s in most regions, but over the past five years the rate has increased. The reasons are threefold: conflicts that cause large refugee outflows, like Somalia and Afghanistan – now in their third and fourth decade respectively – are lasting longer; dramatic new …

How to Handle the Pain of Unrequited Love

God Wanted to Guide Me

I became a Muslim by studying about Islam myself. I didn’t know anybody from any of those Muslim countries. I just studied Islam by myself and decided I wanted to become a Muslim.


The Global Refugee Crisis: Conspiracy of Neglect

In one country — Lebanon — Syrian refugees now account for one in every five people. Despite the huge influx of refugees, the host countries have received almost no meaningful international support. The UN’s humanitarian appeal for Syrian refugees was only 23 percent funded as of the June 3, 2015. Calls by the UN for the international community to resettle refugees from Syria have largely fallen on deaf ears. The total number of places offered to refugees from Syria is less than 90,000, only 2.2 percent of the refugees in the main host countries.

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