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Now a Muslim - How to Practice Islam?

Now a Muslim - How to Practice Islam?

Learning Islam comes from reading books, but which books? Those written by people who have a deeper and better understanding of Islam, scholars who have an objective prospect of Islamic law and how to apply Islam in our daily life.

Orienting Yourself Around the Book of Allah

Orienting Yourself Around the Book of Allah

All of us should make sure that we are developing a habit of reciting this book in these coming days, so that when the month of Ramadan comes, we are already oriented around the Book of Allah. Because I know many of us maybe perhaps since last Ramadan…


How to Groom the Love for Reading Among Children?

Reading is our source of knowledge, our ‘door’ to the outside world and the explorative tool of different fields. Unfortunately, in the last few years book reading for children has been replaced by  digital technology and new gadgets like I pad, smart phones..etc and if they do read, it will be books that are commercialized …

I’ve Been Muslim My Whole Life But I Didn't Know It!

I’ve Been Muslim My Whole Life But I Didn't Know It!

So time kept going on, and after a while, I actually met a Muslim and we started talking. And I was like: “Wow! You do that really? So do I.” It just started getting to a point where I maybe I need to read more about this. So I went online and I started reading…

quran rewards

Must I Read The Quran in Arabic to Receive the Rewards?

Short Answer: The Quran is only the Quran if it’s in the original Arabic in which it was revealed; all else is merely translation and interpretation. So, the reward would not be the same if you read it in another language. But, don’t lose heart! When someone struggles to read the Quran in Arabic, when Arabic …

Author Launches Ramadan Book Fund for Muslim Youth

Reading is a skill that plays an essential role in children’s cognitive and communication skills development, helps increase concentration, and contributes to academic success. The first revelation contained in the Quran orders Prophet Muhammad to read, and Muslim parents and educators encourage children to develop a love for reading the Quran as well as to enjoy reading in general.

The Logic of the Quran Led Me to Islam

One of the first things that stuck out to me with respect to the Quran has to do with preservation of the Quran. The Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for a period of 23 years. And so this book was passed on by the Prophet Muhammad to his followers, and it has been preserved minutely since that time to this day.

My Husband’s Character Made Me Love Islam

I was originally really starting hearing about Islam and learning about it through my husband through his character and his good example and ways in teaching me etiquettes and cleanliness before I was even converted. He just told me a lot of things and then I started reading Islamic books…

How Can Non-Arab Muslims Engage With the Quran?

All the Arabic words that occur in the Quran are repeated again and again throughout its entirety, with the exception of those that occur in the very last juz’ (which has much shorter words and surah’s than the rest of the Quran). This actually makes it much easier to grasp the Arabic of the Quran…

Little Secret Steps Toward Islam

Well, ironically this masjid was in a building that was used originally as a teenage nightclub! And my own sister previously was arrested for being drunk. Subhan Allah (glory be to Allah)! So I went to the dinner at the masjid and that feeling all came back to me.

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