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Is the Reward for Listening to Qur’an the Same as Reading It?

Short Answer: Although there are great rewards in listening to the Quran, “more of the human senses are engaged when a Muslim recites the Qur’an aloud, than when they just listen to it… The heart, as well as the body, connects more deeply to the Qur’an when a Muslim recites it aloud, with full focus and attention, …

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Why Should I Read the Quran Daily?

Short Answer: Because it’s the duty of every Muslim to understand the Quran, it will be a proof of our faith in Allah on the Day of Judgment, our status in this life before Allah will be higher than if we don’t read the Quran, and our position in Paradise is even higher for each …

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Must I Read The Quran in Arabic to Receive the Rewards?

Short Answer: The Quran is only the Quran if it’s in the original Arabic in which it was revealed; all else is merely translation and interpretation. So, the reward would not be the same if you read it in another language. But, don’t lose heart! When someone struggles to read the Quran in Arabic, when Arabic …

7 Ways to Enrich Your Life with the Qur'an

7 Ways to Enrich Your Life with the Quran

It was during my teens that I picked up a translation of the Qur’an in my quest to find my true identity. I wanted to know why I was born, what Allah required of me in the form of duties and responsibilities and how I ought to spend my life in order to win His Pleasure.

Since then, many years on, my heart brims with gratitude at how this Glorious Book has filled up my life with the most beautiful and vibrant colors in order to make it resonate with spiritual fulfillment.

Benefits Of Reading Quran

Benefits Of Reading Quran

The Quran is our guide in life. There are so many benefits of reading Quran. We get 10 good deeds for each single letter we read of the Quran. If we find it difficult we get double the reward! Reading the Quran can only bring us good!

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Should I Wear Hijab When I Read Or Listen To The Quran?

Thank you for sending in your question to Ask About Islam. Covering the head with a hijab–or “khimar” as it is referred to in the Qur’an–is obligatory upon a Muslim female who has reached puberty in only two situations: When she is performing her salah i.e. daily prayers When she appears before, or can be …


How to Get The Most Out of Reading The Quran?

Salam alaykum, Thank you for bringing this issue up. Reading the Qur’an adequately is one of the most powerful, most soothing, most reassuring, and most transformative experiences one could have. Of course it is the direct Words of the Creator of all that exists, so His Knowledge and His Words surely have the most penetrating …

3 Intentions You Should Avoid When Reading Qur'an

3 Intentions You Should Avoid When Reading Qur'an

Purpose and intentions are like the soul of a body, the inner capability of a seed. Many seeds look alike, but as they begin to grow and bear fruits, their differences become manifest. The purer and higher the motive, the greater the value and yield of your efforts are.

Quality Quantity

Reading Quran in Ramadan: Quantity or Quality?

Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Mufti Menk addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: The idea is never ever to complete the Quran. Did you know that? The idea was never ever to complete the entire Quran, no. The idea is the quality. If the quality is there, then …

Trust in Allah Doesn't Just Happen! Here is How to Develop It

Trust in Allah Doesn't Just Happen! Here is How to Develop It

Allowing important areas of our lives to go unexamined and uncontrolled is the source of a vast amount of pain and loss. One such, if not the most significant, loss is our strong relation with Allah. Establishing close connection with Allah requires work. Sometimes we feel that His rules are difficult to obey. We think, …

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