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Ramadan lantern

The Amazing Race of Ramadan (Series)

In a smooth, appealing writing style, Lilly Mohsen writes a 4-part-series on the blessings of Ramadan. Don’t miss this special collection! Episode One The Amazing Race of Ramadan: It’s an Inside Job! Thundering, slamming sounds of doors locking. Roaring noises of steel chains clattering together. Hearts melt as the smiles fill the skies. And the golden …

Ramadan Memorable

How Can I Make This Ramadan Memorable?

Short Answer: Allah Almighty wants us to purify ourselves. In Ramadan, we have a great opportunity to progress in this purification as we learn to control our desires. One way to make it memorable is to make it a starting point to purify our character; give up something wrong that we’re doing, or start practicing something …

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