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15+ Ramadan Tips for Western Muslims

15+ Ramadan Tips for Western Muslims

Allah the Almighty has blessed us with special hours such as the pre-dawn hours (sahar); with special days such as Friday, the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah and the Day of `Arafah; with special nights, such as the last ten nights of Ramadan and the night of Power (Laylat Al-Qadr) and with special months like …

Ramadan budget

8 Tips on How to Curtail Your Ramadan Budget

Ramadan is the month of blessings. In this month, we make special arrangements on many levels among which is the economic level. Here we provide every house wife with practical tips that would help her control her budget and reduce spending during the holy month of Ramadan. 1. Rationalize your shopping lest Buy only …

Want to Have a Successful Ramadan? Here is Step #1

Want to Have a Successful Ramadan? Here is Step #1

Few weeks separate us from the blessed and beloved month. Do you want to achieve a really successful Ramadan? The first step is to have a burning desire and great passion for success. That is the starting point. Cherish the intention to make the upcoming Ramadan the best in your life. Start developing this motive …

New Muslims in Ramadan

10 Things Ramadan Taught Me about New Muslims

I look forward to Ramadan like most Muslims. I worry about being prepared, but I also realize we can never fully prepare for anything, especially something as important as our duties and obligations to Allah. I understand that whilst I try my best, only Allah knows if my deeds, actions and prayers will be accepted. …

Ramadan reflections

With Every Ramadan, There Is a Mark on My Soul

Giggling, tripping over my friends in excitement, darting from room to room of the house that served as a masjid to our small island community in Victoria, Canada. Welcoming the adults who entered with whooping exclamations of “Ramadan Mubarak!” and lovingly serving them with cool glasses of water between every four rak’aat,eager for the barakah of these blessed …

“Strawberry Prayers”: A Lesson of Ramadan Love

“Strawberry Prayers”: A Lesson of Ramadan Love

My little brother loved strawberries. Whenever my father would come home with a cardboard box full of fruit, the sweet scent would seep through the slots on the side, and my little brother would come running. His chubby legs moved him swiftly up the stairs and landed him first to the dining room table, where …


A Memorable Ramadan for Each Family Member

Now that the first half of Ramadan has passed and most Muslims are accustomed to the long, hot days of fasting in summertime, the time to really focus on the spiritual aspects of this holy month is now-if you aren’t already. Contrary to what you may think, long, lazy days of summer with the kids …

interfaith family

Ramadan in Interfaith Families: Muslims Share Their Experiences

I became Muslim in Ramadan, prayed my first salah in Ramadan and began to wear the hijab full-time from Eid ul Fitr that year. The Ramadan the year before, as a non-Muslim, I fasted in solidarity with my Muslim friend, even trying to wait way longer than the sunset until I could eat. This year, …

period in Ramadan

7 Steps to Stay Positive During Period in Ramadan

For many sisters, when it’s time for their period during Ramadan, they feel depressed; no more fasting, no more prayers and this is the worst thing that could happen in Ramadan. However, we still have many things to do while not fasting to maintain a high level of spirituality and make the most of these …


Expecting & Nursing Mothers in Ramadan: Worship of a Different Kind

When Emma gave birth to her first child, Ramadan was only a few days away. For the first time, she found out what it was like not to fast during the holy month – for the whole month. She would spend hours in her room adjusting to life with a newborn. Her cycles included nursing, …

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