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8 Quick and Easy Gift Ideas for Non-Muslim

8 Quick and Easy Gift Ideas for Non-Muslim Neighbors this Ramadan

Islam emphasizes on the mutual rights and duties of neighbors. We are advised to show hospitality towards our neighbors. Here are some gift ideas with a little Muslim flavor for Ramadan, Eid or other special occasions to show your neighbors you care. And (be good) to the neighbor who is your relative and to the …


Five Tips for Passing Safely Through Ramadan Annoyance-Free

Let’s be honest. Fasting can be and feel, extremely annoying. Even though, as Muslims, we try to focus on the immense blessings Ramadan has to offer, the truth of the matter is that, we are also highly self-indulgent. Throughout our normal days, we are consuming foods and beverages at any given opportunity. So, fasting all …

London Open Iftar 'Turns Thousands of Strangers into Friends'

Inviting people from all across Great Britain, a Muslim NGO is holding a public iftar event for Muslims and non-Muslims to break fast together and engage in inspiring conversations. Organized by Ramadan Tent Project (RTP), Open Iftar 2019 is now being held in London, and will continue throughout the fasting month of Ramadan with a …

5+ Great Apps to Give You Ramadan Boost

For every problem you have, it seems there is an app that can help you solve some aspects of it. There are apps for tracking charitable donations and finding halal restaurants, more complex apps can aid in organizing and maximizing large events – Now there is even a Ramadan planner app! Niche or focused apps can …

Men Can Worship God by Washing Dishes

Men Can Worship God by Washing Dishes

Since we entered the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims in the northern hemisphere —where days are longer— have already made their food planning. One friend has already declared, “You will see me posting a large number of delicious-looking foods accompanied with a lot of Arabic text. Do not despair. This is my annual Ramadan tradition of publicly …

Ramadan Around the World with the Muslims of Instagram

It is during Ramadan when we may best notice how seamlessly the veins of our life come together. Work, chores, food, shopping, being with family, serving others, increasing worship – there truly is no separation between deen and dunya. What does Ramadan look like for you? Here are some of our favorite images shared on Instagram …

The Sweetness of the East African Ramadan of My Childhood

The Sweetness of the East African Ramadan

I was born and bred in East Africa by the shores of the Indian Ocean. There, the palm trees swayed in the night to the lullaby of the breeze from the ocean, filling the air with the aroma of the sea. I Towards the end of Shaban, the nights prior to Ramadan were filled with …

Ramadan Decorations - Video Collection

Ramadan Decorations - Video Collection

If you haven’t started yet, It’s time to welcome Ramadan with special decorations! These videos will help you make a variety of beautiful Ramadan decorations. Get started!

Ramadan 2019 Dua - Beautiful!

Allah, may we all reach Ramadan 2019, ameen! Listen to this beautiful Ramadan 2019 dua! Simple Steps to Get Ready for Ramadan (Exclusive Video)

Make a Difference This Ramadan and Beyond

Make a Difference This Ramadan and Beyond

Ramadan is a time for giving and compassion, a time for your generosity to change the lives of people around the world for the better. Make the most of this blessed month and support those in need as you invest in your Hereafter. Commit to supporting your brothers and sisters across the world and donating …

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