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My Sons Always Fight, What to Do?

 In this counseling answer: •I would encourage taking them to the mosque and perhaps getting them enrolled in some recreational programs where they can interact with other kids more. •It is also helpful to teach them problem-solving skills while they are playing with one another, to teach them to avoid arguments and fights to begin …


My Daughter, a Witness to Violence

In this counseling answer: •We urge you to involve your parents and his, so that everyone is aware of your husband’s sinful behavior. •You have to protect yourself and your daughter at all costs. The fact that he sometimes becomes violent is enough reason for you to have an emergency escape plan should the need …

My Son Doesn't Obey Me, What to Do?

In this counseling answer: •You ask him what you need in a very detailed way and make sure that he hears you as you speak with him. •Be sure to be consistant. Say what you mean and do what you say. •You may also benefit from making a behavior chart for your son in which you …

What Does It Mean to Have an Autistic Child?

What Does It Mean to Have an Autistic Child?

Fatimah chats with a brave mother, Umm Ali, who relates her powerful and touching journey of both her sons being diagnosed with autism. Umm Ali’s journey with autism began in early 2010 when her second son was born. Her eldest son was just little over 14 months old. In hindsight, it was an extremely overwhelming …


My 3-Year-old Daughter Gets So Angry!

In this counseling answer: •In her angry moments, begin by coming down to her level and gently asking her what the problem is and see if you can come up with a resolution. •If she does not respond to this then try to avoid giving her attention, preferring to ignore it where possible. This way, …

Son Gets Angry Easily, How to Control His Anger?

Son Gets Angry Easily, How to Control His Anger?

In this counseling answer: •When he gets angry, return your gesture calmly towards him and come down to his level so that he comes to see this as the way he should be behaving too. If he hears you talking in a calm voice, he is more likely to lower his tone and respond more …


My Kids Dislike Praying,They Do it Only to Obey Us!

In this counseling answer: •Find out what it is about making salah that they don’t like and discuss these points with them with the hopes of nullifying the dislike insha’Allah. I would continue to have them pray with you sister for you are building up good habits within them.  While right now they do not like praying, you …

colorful past!

A Father With a Colorful Past

In this counseling answer: •Although you don’t mind teaching her about Islam, I think it’s important for your husband to also participate in teaching her about it because he is the parent. •In terms of your question about how to explain to your children about their father’s past actions that is something you and your husband should …


How Can My Child Become a Muslim?

In this counseling answer: “At that age, much learning is implicit and comes from awareness; therefore, it is important to pay attention to environmental factors, including the behavior modeled by siblings, parents, and other adults. This is a form of teaching that is often neglected in favor of the intellectual method. Children will often learn …

8 Toxic Parenting Habits That Destroy Our Children

8 Toxic Parenting Habits That Destroy Our Children

Maybe you know all of them, may be you know some. But, do you have any of these habits? If yes, you got to stop immediately! 8 Toxic Parenting Habits That Destroy Our Children Posted by Now I've Seen Everything on Monday, 3 December 2018

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