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Worried About My Son From Non-Muslim Parents

In this counseling answer: •You can remain at your parents home in acceptance of who they are, so that there is a chance that they will accept who you are. Stay away from what causes contention between you and your parents, and take responsibility for your son in a way that he is not left alone with …

My Husband Disciplines Our Baby by Hitting him

In this counseling answer: • Under no circumstance should anyone, Muslim or not, hit a baby. • Encourage your husband to play with his son. Suggest they go to the park in the stroller or have your husband feed him. • If your husband gets angry and takes it out on the baby, maybe he can …


Go Back to Work or Stay with the Baby?

In this counseling answer: •The period from 1 to 7 is crucial for a child to have a steady relationship with a primary care-giver, namely the mother. •So, the bottom line is that one can always go back to work, make money, and have career, but one can never go back to bring back the lost …


Go Back to Work or Stay with the Baby?

In this counseling answer: “Much of what we see happening to our children in the society where both parents go to work and the children are raised by other care-giver has created lots of social problems and deviant behavior such as drugs, truancy, stealing, lying, running away from school, aggression, and unable to cope with threats. This …

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