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Successful US Muslim Immigrants Who Proved Trump Wrong

US President Donald Trump’s reported description of African nations, El Salvador and Haiti as “***hole” countries has reignited accusations of racism, with many bringing stories of successful immigrants who proved Trump wrong.

White Muslim

“Sooo You’re Muslim. But… You’re White?”

Religion isn’t something you can easily read off people’s faces, culture on the other hand more likely is. And there’s an enormous line between those two. As a matter of fact, they often contradict with each other. Sure, our prophet was an Arab but we’re civilized enough to not judge a book by its cover, …

Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination (2/2)

How Islam Fought Racial Discrimination

Part 1 | Part 2 Explaining how Islam approached the racial discrimination issue, Dr. Wael Hamza highlighted in part 1 how Islam changed the prevalent racist beliefs and reformed people’s perception of race. This part focuses on the practical side, showing how Islam brought about an anti-racism environment. Now that the theory are being developed, beliefs …

Muslims, Islamophobia and Social Reform

Muslims, Islamophobia and Social Reform

The way to combat Islamophobia is for Muslims to go beyond their isolation within their communities and local issues, and contribute to the moral reform of society itself and the wider cause of social justice. In this video, Dr. Jasser Auda explains why it is important for Muslims to adjust their strategies and become part of …

smelly people

Smelly People and the Laughing Crowd

‘Look at that Bangla guy over there in those shabby clothes! These people are really annoying and disgusting. They stay in overcrowded houses and smell funny!’ Laughter… There I was, sipping a cup of coffee on a busy street of Kuala Lumpur, overhearing a conversation, which was so mainstream. I stood still, trying to digest those painful …

What Is Islam's Response To Racism?

Allah created us all different. He did this so we would get to know one another and learn from each other. In Islam, no one should be superior over others because of the colour of their skin.

Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination (Part 1/2)

Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination

{I am better than him: You created me from fire and You created him from clay} (Saad 38: 76) This was an infamous racist statement made by Satan, or the Devil, in his arrogance and disobedience to Allah. The story of Satan and Adam is a clear demonstration of how dangerous racial superiority can be …

American Muslims: Islamic Duties and Civic Obligations (Imam Omar Suleiman)

American Muslims: Islamic Duties & Civic Obligations

Whether we live in a small town or big city, a predominantly Muslim neighborhood or we are the only Muslims on the block, it’s important to be involved and engaged in society as a whole. And that’s where our civic obligations come in. As Muslims, our Islamic duties are what push us to be involved. …

Tips to Eliminate Racism in Muslim Community

Tips to Eliminate Racism in Muslim Community

Racism is an old ailment. It goes back to iblees, Satan, who refused to accept Adam (peace be upon him). For him, Adam is created from clay, an inferior material. How can Muslims protect themselves from falling in this sin? Watch this video by Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick for the answer. More about Islam vs. Racism: …

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