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Starbucks, Social Media, and Racism

On Starbucks, Social Media and Racism

On April 12th, two black men were treated like criminals for doing what millions do on any given day in America. For sitting in a Starbucks, waiting for a business associate, two young, black men were arrested, finger printed, photographed, and detained by police for eight hours. In response to these arrests, outrage on social …

Starbucks Closes Stores for Racial-Bias Training

NEW YORK – Starbucks announced Tuesday it will close 8000 US stores for one afternoon to offer staff training on racial tolerance, in response to a widespread condemnation and boycott call following the arrest of two black men in a Philadelphia store. “I’ve spent the last few days in Philadelphia with my leadership team listening …

Celebrity Muslim Chef Shocked by Abuse

Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain has revealed a huge amount of abusive comments she has been getting since she broke into stardom recently, with many saying she does not deserve to live in the UK because she is Muslim.

Muslims Condemn Offensive Halloween Customs

A US Muslim civil rights group has condemned the attitude of some Maryland students who dressed in racist Halloween costumes and body-writing, and posted images of the hate-filled attire on social media.

Wales Rejects Abuse of Praying Muslim

A social experiment aimed at gauging anti-Muslim sentiments in Cardiff by two friends has shown people rejecting public abuse of a praying Muslim, with most people standing up for him and deploring the abusive actions of the other.

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