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Introduction to Tajwid and Rules of Reading Qur’an

What is Tajwid?

Literally, ‘tajwid‘ means improvement and perfection. If you do something with tajwid, it means you are trying to do it with the utmost quality and in the most perfect way possible. The term is technically used to refer to the science concerned with correct recitation and pronunciation of the Qur’anic words and verses. The relationship is clear …

Inimitability of Quran: Meanings and Types

Inimitability of Quran: Meanings and Types

I`jaz al-Quran as a term is translated into English in various ways. Some translators render it as “inimitable ellipticism”, while others use “miraculous elegance”, and still others use “grandiose cadence” or “emotive and evocative force”. As a professional translator and teacher of translation, I prefer to use the English equivalent “inimitability of the Quran” due …

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