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Question as Old as Time: Who Created God?

Question as Old as Time: Who Created God?

Who created God? Everything has a source or beginning. Who created the heavens and earth? What does time mean? What is the primary source of time and space? We all aspire to attain a deeper understanding of the universe and its beginning.  In short, we all want to know what the origin of everything is. Just when …

Why We Are Muslims?

When the Ummah stops asking questions about Islam then the next generation will only be Muslims because their parents are. They will not know why we are Muslims, why we believe in Allah or why we read Quran.

A Question - Where Does God Live?

A Question - Where Does God Live?

God is where goodness and beauty exist. What happens when your heart is empty and your surroundings are dismal, dirty, and ugly? Does God cease to exist? No! Of course not! Amidst this confusion, the Islamic concept of God is a beacon of light for those stumbling in the darkness.

How To Deal With Doubts About Islam

If you doubt Islam as a Muslims then that is not good. But if you have doubts about some areas of Islam, that are not clear to you, then you need to ask questions and seek knowledge.

Nurse Cassie Converted to Islam for This Incredible Reason

Nurse Cassie Converted to Islam for This Incredible Reason

I was shocked… a man who has lost all memory of his children, of his occupation, and could barely eat and drink was able to remember, not only actions of prayer but verses that were in other language. This was nothing short of incredible…

What It’s Like Being A Hijabi in the US

One last look in the mirror, Theresa. Make sure you don’t have anything hanging out of your nose. Are your eyebrows trying to run wild on your forehead? … I tell myself as I put my purse on my shoulder and lock the car door. I stand up straight and hold my gaze forward with as much self-respect…

Get to Know Surah Ar-Rahman – With Brother Nouman

In this surah, Allah (SWT) addresses both human beings and the jinn. That is something unique which Allah does in this surah, and throughout the surah everything is in pairs. Just like a pair of species are being talked to (human beings and jinn), Jannahs are in pairs, so He talks about them twice, He talks about gardens twice,…

Finding Islam on a Chicago Bus

GainPeace role does not end with educating people about Islam. When a person embraces Islam, the group appoints a Big Brother or Big Sister, who becomes a mentor for the new Muslim, providing information, support and advice.

When God Enters Your Vocabulary

The word God had never been part of my vocabulary and I had never been brought up in a religions family. I found out I was able to become Muslim, you didn’t have to be born Muslim!

Amazed by My Father's "Cool" Muslim Guests

My classmates changed from making jokes to asking serious question about Islam and they noticed that Islam is not a religion like the other religions. They noticed Islam is cool! They see that we Muslims have manners in dealing with each other.

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