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One Day Inside Haram: A Fascinating Glimpse (Documentary)

MAKKAH – Taking advantage of recently concluded Hajj season this year, Abrar Hussain and Abdullatif Alshehri produced a documentary that proffers an access-all-areas look at the Haram, the Great Mosque of Makkah, where Hajj takes place. “Only Muslims are permitted to enter Makkah, and this look inside the mosque offers an exceptionally rare glimpse into …

Do Muslims Worship Kabah?

Do Muslims Worship Kabah?

No, Muslims do not worship anything or anyone but Allah the Almighty. Those who are not familiar with the tenets of the Islamic faith may mistake the rituals of Hajj for Kabah worship. They might think that pilgrims are praying to the Kabah to fulfill their requests or to save them. But that is totally …

The Story of Kabah - The Sacred House of God

The Story of Kabah - The Sacred House of God

The Kabah is the holiest site in Islam, and it is the qiblah, the direction Muslims face when praying. It is called the Ka’bah because of its shape; cube in the Arabic language is ka’b. Sometimes the Ka’bah is called Al Bait Al Atiq, or the emancipated house…

How was changing the qibla a test for early Muslims?

Qibla Change.. The Test Early Muslims Had to Take

Allah clearly mentioned in the Quran one of the most important attributes of the believers. {It does not behoove a believer, male or female, that when Allah and His Messenger have decided an affair they should exercise a choice. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger has strayed to manifest error} (Al‐ Ahzab 33:36) This …

Why Was the Qiblah Changed From Jerusalem to Makkah?

Why Was the Qiblah Changed from Jerusalem to Makkah?

The change of the qiblah is a declaration by God of the perfection of the first religion as the final religion for mankind. Through the two mystical events in the life of the final messenger, Muhammad, God completes and perfects the religion for humanity….

One Qiblah, United Community

One Qiblah, United Community

It was a brand new community, encompassing people from different ethnic groups, social classes, religious and educational backgrounds. They had all reasons to disagree and fight in between themselves, and they did fight before Islam; but they had one main cause to unite for: Allah, the Almighty, and His beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be …

Yasir Qadhi: All About the Qiblah Change (Video)

Dr. Yasir Qadhi Recounts Story of Qibla Change

Watch in this video Prophetic approach to the religious identities of Madinah’s groups. Praying towards Ka`bah and Jerusalem at the same time? The Special status of Jerusalem. Which is the holiest land? Relationship with the Jews in Madinah. The Most blessed human beings and the most. Fulfilling the Prophet’s wish. Reactions to the change of …

The Qiblah and Unity of Muslim Nation

The Qiblah and Unity of the Muslim Nation

In the beginning of Islam Muslims prayed facing Baytul Maqdis in Jerusalem; a shared Qiblah between the Muslims and the Jews. Then not long after the migration to Madinah the Prophet received a divine order to change the Qiblah and pray towards Al-Masjid Al-Haram.

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