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Are the Prophets' Deeds Buried with Them?

Short Answer: Let’s start with posing an important question, if we are in no need of prophets’ examples, deeds, and teachings, then what is the job of a prophet other than being an ordinary person living with other people? As for the second part of your question concerning going to great scholars, your meaning is not …

Who Are the Prophets of God? (Special Folder)

God’s Prophets and Messengers come with a specific mission to convey the truth about God to all Mankind. In Islam, all Muslims should believe in all the Prophets and messengers sent by God. And not believing in one of them is considered a great sin and takes one out the fold of Islam.


How Can Jesus Be a Prophet: I Thought he Was Divine?

Short Answer: The Christians claim that Jesus was/is God incarnate – that he was the Son of God or God Himself born as His own Son. If this were true, Jesus would be a god beside God Almighty (or Yahweh or God the Father). But this belief contradicts the First Commandment of God given in the Bible: See the …

Prophets Better

Why Are Some Prophets Better Than Others?

Short Answer: You have asked about the difference between God and the prophets. Your question arises against the background of certain religions that have raised the status of their prophets to divinity. But any discerning person can see that prophets are beings apart from God; and that they are chosen and sent by God. …………. Salam (Peace) …

Were There Black Prophets

Were There Black Prophets?

Were there black prophets from those that were mentioned to us? This is an excellent speech from Sheikh Omar Suleiman. How can a racist be a Muslim!

Messengers and Prophets - What Do Muslims Believe?

Messengers and Prophets - What Do Muslims Believe?

A Prophet’s life serves as a role model for his followers and potential followers and his personality attracts people to the message. They are infallible in conveying the commands and message of God, however since they are humans they may make minor mistakes or forget things in worldly affairs.

All About Prophet Jesus (Special Coverage)

All About Prophet Jesus (Special Coverage)

What does Islam say About Prophet Jesus and his mother, Virgin Mary (peace be upon them)? Our new special page has the answer. All About Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) Read in the page about the miracles of Prophet Jesus, the amazing story of his pious mother, Jesus’ second return and the truth about his …

7 Miracles of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him)

7 Miracles of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him)

The Story of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) is mentioned several times in the Qur’an. He and his mother, Mary, are presented as great role models to be loved, honored and imitated. Muslims believe that Jesus is a great Prophet who preached worshipping Allah alone. This video presents 7 miracles of Prophet Jesus (peace …

Jesus Better or Muhammad... Is It the Right Question?

Jesus Better or Muhammad... Is It the Right Question?

Some Christians argue that Prophet Jesus is better than Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them). They support their claim with some statements of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). This, in turn, provokes some Muslims and prompts them to engage in counter arguments and comparisons. This video discusses this issue. In the …

Stories of the Prophets: Exemplary Patience of Prophet Ayub (PBUH)

Prophet Ayub (peace be upon him) is famous for his great patience for which he was praised by Allah Almighty. The Quran provides a brief account on this noble Prophet and records the divine commendation of his forbearance. Want to hear the story? Join Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda as he highlights how Prophet Ayub sets an example …

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