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Winning Hearts

Overwhelmed, Abu Sufyan said to the Prophet: “You are indeed very generous. May my parents be sacrificed for your sake. I fought you and you were the most honorable of foes, and I have made peace with you and you have proved to be the best of friends.”

A Wrong Prayer & a Perfect Attitude (Story, Part 1/2)

This is a cool story about one Companion who made a mistake! Time: During the best years, featuring the best generation to ever walk the face of this earth. Place: The blessed Mosque of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), in Madinah Event: A man entered the mosque and prayed quickly. Result: An …

Five Cs of a Happy Marriage: Legacy of the Prophet

Contentment is another vital element in a happy marriage. Happiness in marriage or life, for that matter – can never be attained without developing contentment. Contentment is the result of one’s sincere appreciation for God’s blessings, and trust in God’s Decree.

How Prophet Muhammad Resolved Disputes

Reconciliation can be facilitated by making the one who has been wronged recall the past good that the one who has wronged them has done to them, especially if there is glaring evidence of that person being very truthful, sincere, Allah-fearing and righteous.

Rehab Yourself Before Ramadan

In order to welcome Ramadan, let us transform our state of mind and spirit to one that is eagerly waiting for and craving its many benefits and rewards. Let us take out our wallets/cheque-books/debit cards and loosen our ‘purse strings’ in anticipation of giving heartily to those who are needy.

Prophet Muhammad - The Spiritual Leader

In his spiritual leadership, the Prophet Muhammad represented the best servanthood by showing his followers in his prayers how to be in awe of God, how to be humble, how to prostrate with deep feelings, and how to cry to God at night.

I Testify

Anyone who believes in one of the prophets and disbelieves in another has disbelieved in them all and in Allah Who sent each and made them affirm one another.

Finding Comfort in Love

Khadijah had long resolved that she would choose her future husband when she was absolutely certain of his character. Looking at her dealings with Muhammad, she felt that it was now up to her to take the next step.

Good Manners

Good Manners - A Key to Paradise

Having good manners when socializing isn’t just a plus factor when dealing with people in this temporary abode of this life, but even more so, it is part and parcel of pleasing God in His Grandiosity.

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